Nagoya University Graduare School of International Development Library

Guide for Visitors

Before you visit

Before visiting the GSID Library, please search the materials you want to read using the OPAC.

  • "GSID","GSID in Stack": GSID Library holds the book.
  • "GSID ASCI ●●": The book is located in overseas campuses.
  • "checked out": It is checked out.
  • "in laboratory": It is used in a laboratory. If you wish to use it, please contact the GSID Library in advance.

Please bring your ID Card (student identification card, licence ... etc.). A letter of introduction is not needed.

Entering the library

Reading the materials

The GSID Library materials are arranged by Nippon Decimal Classification: NDC.

Books located on separate shelves

The bigining of Call No. Materials Location
Number (NDC) Books Library, Stack room
Blank Journals Current Journals -- Library
Back numbers --Stack room
推薦+Call No. Recommended Books Library
指定+Call No. Teaching Materials Library
博論+Call No. GSID Dissertations GSID dissertations (before April 2013)
GSID dissertations (after April 2013)
--The Nagoya Repository
国開+Call No. Publications of GSID Faculty Members Library
語学+Call No. Cassette tapes and CD for language study Library
C+Call No. CD-ROM, CD Library office
D+Call No. Asian Development Bank Publications Library, Stack room
--ADB Publications
I+Call No. Institute of Developing Economies Publications Library, Stack room
J+Call No. JICA: Japan International Cooperation AgencyPublications Library, Stack room
--JICA Publications
L+Call No. Large size Books Stack room
M+Call No. Microfilm and Microfische Stack room
P+Call No. Asian Productivity Organizations Publications Library, Stack room
--APO Publications
R+Call No. Reference Books Library, Stack room
V+Call No. Audio Visual Materials Library
W+Call No. World BankPublications Library, Stack room
--WB Research and Publications

Hou to use the Call number label

Call number labels are attached on the spine of the books, which are arranged in numerical and alphabetical orders.


First section is NDC.
Second section is Author's initial.
Third section is series number.
Fourth section is book ID.


Example: The first character of the Call Number is W.
This book has been published by the World Bank.

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