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Research Student Program
(Privately-Financed International Students)
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Graduate School of International Development Nagoya University
Application Procedure for the Research Student Program (April 2018 Admission)

The Graduate School of International Development (GSID), Nagoya University accepts applications from international students (those who are not Japanese citizens and can obtain residential status of "college student") who wish to study as research students from April 2018.

To apply, please read the following information carefully and submit application forms and other required documents in full and on time.

Download this instruction (PDF 255KB)


You are eligible to apply if you:
(1) Have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, and
(2) Have a good command of ENGLISH

The following documents should be submitted for application: (br)
(1) Application Form

Please use the attached form. (Download: PDF 255KB)


Fill in all the required fields as directed.

(2) Letter of Recommendation

You must request a letter of recommendation from your most recent university, to be issued by the President, Dean or your academic supervisor, and to be written on university letterhead.


The issuer must provide an e-mail address so that we can contact him/her.


The issuer can send the letter directly to the Dean, GSID. In that case, the issuer must write “Recommendation letter for research student program application” on the front of the envelop. Applicants can also submit the letter of recommendation together with other documents but envelop of the recommendation letter must be sealed by the issuer.

(3) Certificates/Proof of Graduation

You must submit certificates/proof of graduation for ALL your university level education.
If you are planning to graduate university by the end of March 2018, please submit a certificate to that effect.
Please submit documents which show acquisition of bachelor’s degree.

(4) Certificate of Academic Record/Transcript

You must submit academic records/transcripts for ALL your university level education.

(5) Research Proposal

Your research proposal must be either in Japanese OR English.
It should be approximately 2,000 characters in Japanese, or 800 words in English.


Certificate of Residence (Juminhyo) (for those already residing in Japan), issued after 1 October 2017


Only submit this if you live in Japan. It must be obtained from the local government office of the area where you are registered after 1 October 2017 . Please note this is NOT required for applicants who live overseas.

(7) Photocopy of Residence Card

For those who live in Japan, submit photocopy of your Residence Card (both front and back).

(8) Certificate of English language proficiency

This may be a certificate of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc.
Photocopies of the certificate(s) are acceptable. If you do not have any official records of language test, you must submit a document which certifies your language proficiency objectively.

(9) Documents which show your ability to finance yourself
  Please submit one of the following documents:

Certificate of bank account balance under your name; or


Certificate of scholarship awarded to you;


Letter written by your sponsor (including your parents) guaranteeing to finance you, with the sponsor’s certificate of bank account balance; or


Other relevant documents which show your ability to finance yourself.

(10) A photocopy of photo and signature page of your passport

Please submit if you have a passport.

(11) Photograph

Please submit two pieces of photos (Size 4.0 cm × 3.0 cm), one of which should be attached to the application form.

(12) Summary of your Master's thesis

Please submit this if you are interested in applying for the Doctoral program at GSID after the completion of the research-student program.


* All documents must be ORIGINAL unless otherwise stated. Please submit official photocopy if you cannot submit the original document.
* Certified translation is required if documents are NOT in either JAPANESE or ENGLISH.
* In a screening process, the applicant may be asked to submit required documents in an electronic form.


(1) Your application forms and all documents must arrive

From Monday 16 October 2017  to Friday 20 October 2017

(2)Postal address
International Student Services
Graduate School of International Development
Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 JAPAN

(3)Method of Submission
*Applications should be sent by REGISTERED MAIL (such as EMS) to ISS. Submissions other than by post will not be accepted.
* Friends or relatives of the applicant must not submit the application on behalf of the applicant.
* Please write “Application for Research Student Program” on the front of the envelope.
*Letter of Recommendation sent DIRECTLY to the Dean of GSID must arrive during the submission period.
*Required documents must be put in order as appeared in the application procedure.

*Application documents once submitted cannot be returned to the applicant under any circumstances.
*Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances.
*No application will be accepted unless all the documents mentioned above are fully and correctly completed.
*Note that any documents not requested under “Documents to be Submitted” that are included in the submission will not be considered for review, nor returned under any circumstances.


The application screening process has two stages: preliminary screening and final screening. Enquiries regarding the process, including acceptance of application, cannot be answered.


Preliminary screening will be finalized approximately two months after the end of the application period. Results of the preliminary screening will be informed to all applicants.


Results of final screening will also be informed to all applicants successful in preliminary screening. Successful applicants will receive an official "Certificate of Admission."  

(1) You do NOT need to pay any examination fee when you send in your application.

Only applicants who pass the preliminary screening are required to pay the examination fee of JPY9,800. Directions for paying the fee will be included with the notification of the result of the preliminary screening. Payment of the fee is a requirement for final screening.


Please note that paid fees will not be refunded under any circumstances, and that the amount is subject to change without prior notice.


(1) If you have any enquiry on applying for admission as a research student, please contact:

International Student Services
Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 JAPAN
Fax: +81-52-789-2666

(2) GSID homepage
General information on GSID at:

Detailed information on professors’ research fields and each department’s curriculum is available on this website.

(3) For your information, research students must pay a registration fee of JPY84,600 upon entrance. Tuition is JPY29,700 per month, and research students are required to pay the monthly tuition fee for six months (JPY178,200) in advance. This means that a total of JPY262,800 must be paid upon entrance.

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