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GSID Salon Events 2013
GSID photo exhibition 2013 "Progress"

Date : Oct. 19th - Nov.29th
Organizers: Graduate School of International Development (GSID) Students Association

GSID Salon Events 2012
GSID photo exhibition 2012 "Heritage"
HERITAGE 〜Things we want to keep for the future〜

Date : Oct. 19th - Nov.30th
Organizers: Graduate School of International Development (GSID) Students Association

GSID Salon Events 2011
Bhutan & Ghana Exhibition will open on May 12 at the GSID Salon (1st floor, GSID bldg.)!

In 2010, GSID concluded Academic Exchange Agreements with the Centre for Bhutan Studies (Bhutan) and the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ghana (Ghana). Tis exhibition intends to introduce our new friends in Asia and Africa to you.

1) May 12 - Mid-June: Bhutan Exhibition (Presenters: Profs. Otsubo and Kimura)
2) Mid-June - Mid-July: Ghana Exhibition (Presenters: Profs. Otsubo, Kimura, and Yamada)
3) July Open-Campus Week: Bhutan & Ghana Exhibition + Exhibition on the GSID's World-Wide Network of Academic/Research Exchange (Presenters: Profs. Otsubo, Kimura, Yamada, and Yonezawa)

Now you can enjoy gallery photos and exhibitions right here at the GSID Salon. You do not have to go anywhere else. Enjoy a close encounter with your new & old friends from many parts of the world! Bring your friends from outside the GSID community to enjoy this encounter with you!

Prof. Shigeru T. Otsubo
For GSID's Public Relations Committee

Exibition from the Permanent Collection

The Exibition from the Permanent Colleciton of GSID will start on Monday 5 september in GSID Salon .

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