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GSID Pamphlet Japanese
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GSID Pamphlet 2017-2018 (pdf file, 68 pages) is now available!
  • New
    Gsid Pamphlet 2017-2018 (17.5MB)

  • Old
    Gsid Pamphlet 2016-2017
    Gsid Pamphlet 2015-2016
    Gsid Pamphlet 2014-2015
    Gsid Pamphlet 2013-2014
    Gsid Pamphlet 2012-2013
    Gsid Pamphlet 2011-2012
    Gsid Pamphlet 2010-2011
    Gsid Pamphlet 2009-2010
    Gsid Pamphlet 2008-2009

  • GSID Pamphlet (abridged version, 8-page PDF file) is now available!
  • New
    GSID Pamphlet (abridged version, 8-page PDF file) (10MB)

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