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Educational Organization
Doctoral program
      ├─ Department of International Development (DID)
      └─ Department of International Cooperation Studies (DICOS)

Master's program
      └─ International Development and Cooperation Course
        ├─ DID
        │ ├── Program in Economic Development Policy and Management
        │ ├── Program in Rural and Regional Development Management
        │ └── Program in Education and Human Resource Development   
        └─ DICOS
           ├─ Program in Governance and Law
           ├─ Program in Peacebuilding
           └─ Program in Social Development and Culture

Faculty Organization
  ├─── Principle Unit
  │     └─ International Development
  └─── Cooperating Unit
        ├─ Development Policy
        ├─ Managerial Economics of Development
        └─ Education and Human Development 

  ├─── Principle Unit
  │     └─ International Cooperation   
  └─── Cooperating Unit
        ├─ Comparative Study of Legal and Political Systems 
        └─ International Cultural Cooperation

  └─── International Communication
        ├─ International Communication
        ├─ Linguistic Information Systems
        ├─ Language Education Sciences
        ├─ International Languages and Cultures
        └─ Communication Sciences

*From April 2017, members of the DICOM belong to the Graduate School of Humanities.
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