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Mission Statement

The Graduate School of International Development (GSID) pursues a mission to promote understanding of the problems we face in the globalizing world and to create a sustainable society by contributing to policy-making and implementation by international organizations, governments, and civil society organizations. In order to find solutions to contemporary problems, technical approaches are often not enough. We need to understand the existing policy frameworks and apply innovative thinking based on social science perspectives. GSID thus attempts to cultivate courageous intellectuals capable of finding such solutions by promoting policy-oriented, interdisciplinary research and teaching in cooperation with a network of academic and research institutions and implementing agencies. Our objectives are as follows:

  1. Promote empirical research based on social science theories and methods that can inform the policy-making and implementation processes of the international community, governments, and civil society;

  2. Train professionals who can contribute to state- or community-building cooperation with the international community and with a full understanding of national and local realities;

  3. Expand our worldwide network with governments, universities, and international organizations through research and teaching in order to realize sustainable development and just societies on the global level.

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