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Lecture Subjects

Subject List for Students Admission after AY2018
Subject List for Students Admission before AY2018

* The former faculty members of DICOM became a part of the Graduate School of Humanities in April 2017. (It still offers education to those enrolled in DICOM-programs.)

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Lecture Evaluations

  2018 Autumn Semester
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2018 Spring Semester
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2017 Autumn Semester
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2017 Spring Semester
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2016 Autumn Semester
[PDF 69KB]
2016 Spring Semester
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2015 Autumn Semester
[PDF 163KB]
2015 Spring Semester
[PDF 115KB]
2014 Autumn Semester
[PDF 87KB]
2014 Spring Semester
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2013 Autumn Semester
[PDF 155KB]
2013 Spring Semester
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2012 Autumn Semester
[PDF 77KB]
2012 Spring Semester
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2011 Autumn Semester
[PDF 92KB]
2011 Spring Semester
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2010 Autumn Semester
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2010 Spring Semester
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2009 Autumn Semester
[PDF 216KB]
2009 Spring Semester
[PDF 76KB]
2008 Autumn Semester
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