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Scholarships and Exemption of Tuition Fee Japanese
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Last Updated: , Committee for Education and Student Affairs

Scholarships which are available through GSID can be divided into the below Four types:
  • ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (You must apply before you enter GSID).
  • The Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Scholarship (Monbukagakusho),recommended from within GSID
  • The JASSO study aid allowance (Gakushu Shorei Hi)
  • Aside from these scholarships, there are a number of scholarships provided by private organizations. Such scholarships are either applied to via University recommendation or direct application.

By rights, the student is expected to pay the tuition fees. However, for selffunded international students in the master's and doctoral programs, it is possible to apply for tuition fee exemption, provided that the student has an excellent academic record and is having difficulty paying the fees through economic reasons. It should also be understood that not all international students are able to receive fee exemption. Particularly in the last few years, the number of recipients of the tuition fee exemption has decreased and it is becoming extremely difficult to receive. We therefore strongly suggest that you make sure to plan ahead and budget for your tuition fee. The screening of the exemptions is conducted by an examining committee at the University central administration. There are also cases where a partial (half)tuition exemption is granted.

Please pay attention to the bulletin board (the 1st floor of the Integrated Research Building (BUNKEI SOGOKAN)) to find when you can pick up the application forms as well as the application deadline..

Students receiving the Monbukagakusho(Former Monbusho/Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Japan)scholarship automatically receive total admission and tuition fee exemptions.
Please note that:
-There is no fee exemption system for research and auditing students.
-The reason of "still repaying debts" is not considered an economic reason for the application of fee exemption.

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