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Japan's development experience

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Atsuko Ohashi & Akiko Ueda

Course Description

This course examines the development and modernization process of Japan from various perspectives, including both positive and negative. Lecturers from different disciplines deal with issues such as economy, law, governments, agricultural/rural development, education, social development, peace-building, etc. Participants will understand the crucial issues pertaining to Japan's development experience, and consider the adaptability of this experience to other countries.

Oct. 4 Introduction
Oct. 11 Japan fs Economic Development After the World War II and the Integration into the Global Economy (Umemura)
Oct. 25 Japan fs Economic Development and Current Socio-economic Issues (Shikai)
Nov. 1 Agricultural and Rural Development in the Postwar Japan: Agricultural Basic Law through Food/Agricultural/Rural Area Basic Law (Usami)
Nov. 8 Agriculture and Rural Development in Japan 1999 onwards: New Basic Law of Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas (Ueda)
Nov. 15 History of Japanese Education before the World War II (A. Okada)
Nov. 22 History of Japanese Education after the WWII (Yamada)
Nov. 29 Political Economy of the "Japanese Model": Its Success and Failure (Kusaka)
Dec. 6 Politics in Japan Now and Before: How Election Matters (I. Okada)
Dec. 13 Japan fs War Experience and Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan (Yamagata)
Dec. 20 History of Japanese Constitutionalism: Democracy and Pacifism (Shimada)
Jan. 10 Multicultural policies in Japan (Higashimura)
Jan. 17 Comparative Historical Analysis Japan and Java: Focusing on Edo Period (Ohashi)
Jan. 24 Wrap-up Session I, II


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