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List of the "GSID Discussion Paper"

No. Title Author Issue
214 メディア・イベントとしての北海道「探検」 東村岳史 June 2019
213 『旅』は誘う――観光雑誌と編集者・執筆者・読者の「北海道」と「アイヌ」 東村岳史 June 2019
212 「アイヌ研究」と社会学のかすかな接点――ある社会学者の関与と撤退 東村岳史 May 2019
211 五十嵐広三旭川市長とアイヌ民族――「北海道アイヌ祭り」と北海道旧土人保護法存廃論争を中心に 東村岳史 May 2019
210 Governance and Economic Development in Post-Conflict Countries: What Do 30 Post-Conflict Countries Inform Us? Yukiko NISHIKAWA April 2019
208 江戸期までの綱引き風俗図誌の集成と考察 櫻井 龍彦 March 2018
207 An Era of Deflation and Southeast Asia: The First Half of the Nineteenth Century Atsuko Ohashi March 2018
206 Region and Gender Specific Labour Market Participation in India: A Study on Inter-State Variations and Determinants Arup Mitra and Aya Okada June 2017
205 中国侗族大歌“生态”记录和研究 牛 承彪 April 2017
204 中国の「抜河」に関する史料と考察 櫻井 龍彦 March 2017
203 海外実地研修(OFW)に関する教員アンケート報告書 岡田 勇 February 2017
202 Characteristics of Female Entrepreneurs and Bibliographical Analysis on Female Entrepreneurship Research: Comparison between Korea and Japan Taeyoung Park and
Naoko Shinkai
March 2016
201 韓国密陽百中ノリと甘川蟹綱引きに関する調査報告書 Yeongran HAN
Tatsuhiko SAKURAI
March 2016
200 ルワンダの開発と政府の役割
Hirotsune KIMURA February 2016
199 Vietnam’s Integration with Regional Economies and Some Implications for RCEP Nguyen Tien Dung November 2015
198 増加する南アジアからの海外出稼ぎ労働者 ―マイクロファイナンスに期待される新たな役割― 須田敏彦 June 2014
197 A Canonical Analysis on the Relationship between Financial Risk Tolerance and Household Education Investment in Sri Lanka Shirantha Heenkenda and D.P.S. Chandrakumara March 2014
196 Determination of Financial Risk Tolerance among Different Household Sectors in Sri Lanka Shirantha Heenkenda March 2014
194 Inequalities in the Financial Inclusion in Sri Lanka: An Assessment of the Functional Financial Literacy Shirantha Heenkenda February 2014
193 Community Saving and Economic Empowerment: A Case Study of the Village Development Bank (VDB) Model in Ta Yaek commune, Soutr Nikum district, Siem Reap province, Cambodia Prachvuthy Men, Chanrith Ngin, Naret Heng and Chhang Rath January 2014
192 Aid, Institutions, and Growth: Building Institutions Matters for Development Effectiveness Yumeka HIRANO September 2013
191 Poverty-Growth-Inequality Triangle under Globalization: Time Dimensions and the Control Factors of the Impacts of Integration Yumeka HIRANO and Shigeru OTSUBO October 2012
190 The Typical Intervention Systems of Natural Resource Management in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia: The Community Based and Modern Approaches SEAK Sophat August 2012
189 Why seed issues matter in Ethiopia: the need for short and long-term strategies- Dawit Alemu March 2012
188 ミドルクラス出現による消費パタ-ン変化と産業構造変化-日本の経験と中国の事例研究- 長田 博 March 2012
187 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Eastern and Western Models: A Comparative Study Ake Tangsupvattana February 2012
186 The Two World Wars and Different Recognition of World History in the East and West -A Memo-
(English) / (Japanese)
Shinzo Hayase February 2012
185 CLIMATE CHANGE AND PREPAREDNESS AT THE VILLAGE LEVEL IN COASTAL AREAS OF BANGLADESH Swapan Kumar Dasgupta, Koichi Usami, Md. Ataur Rahman and A. K. Sharifullah February 2012
184 バングラデシュにおける行政サービス提供の改善 藤原 洋二郎 November 2011
183 World Silver Flows and the Formation of the Forced Cultivation System in Java:1800-1840 Atsuko Ohashi March 2011
182 市場経済移行後のカンボジア経済: 外国資本と国内産業政策について ンガウ ペンホイ February 2011
181 Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the IT Sector in Bangladesh: Lessons Learned and Policy Recommendations Naoko Shinkai and Monzur Hossain December 2010
180 Duty-Based Approaches to Community Development: A Workable Solution? Sanae Ito December 2010
179 中国における環境紛争過程の政治分析 ― 福建省寧徳市屏南県の環境紛争を事例として― 櫻井次郎 August 2010
178 The Struggle in Memory Space of Diverse Ethnic Groups in Thailand Saichol Sattayanurak June 2010
177 遺伝資源の利益配分と知的財産権:生物多様性条約の経験から 香坂玲
January 2010
176 From crisis to Kyoto and beyond: The evolution of environmental concerns in Japanese official development assistance Nicole Armitage November 2009
175 A Comparative Analysis of Classical Tibetan (CT) and Dzongkha (DZ) basic vocabulary Dorji Gyaltshen November 2009
174 Balancing decentralization and deconcentration: emerging need for asymmetric decentralization in the unitary states (ppt version) Tri Widodo W. UTOMO August 2009
173 レカパイと亀の話―ウォリス島の民話― 塚本晃久 July 2009
172 Socio-economic Developments and Their Links to Skills Development: A Case Study of Chiangmai Province in Northern Thailand (Ch.1,5 and reference)(ch.2)(ch.3)(ch.4)(appendices) Phaisal Lekuthai June 2009
171 The Constraints School of Local Governments in the Philippines: Governance to Government? Aser B. Javier May 2009
170 Education Indicators to Examine the Policy-Making Process in the Education Sector of Developing Countries Yuto Kitamura April 2009
169 Value Chains and Standards in Shrimp Export Mohammad Taj Uddin November 2008
168 Lanna Culture and Social Development: A Case Study of Chiangmai Province in Northern Thailand (as for the chapter 5, please click here) Phaisal Lekuthai September 2008
167 Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty in East Asia: A CGE Analysis Mitsuo Ezaki and Tien Dung Nguyen April 2008
166 東南アジア型発展経路 探求序説-「組み込み」の時代のジャワ島西部から- 大橋厚子 March 2008
165 New Technology and Emergence of Markets:
Evidence from NERICA rice in Uganda
Yoko KIJIMA March 2008
164 Refining Effectuality of Development Aid:
Donors’ Malfeasances
NGIN Chanrith December 2007
163 Trekking the Pathways in Building Good Governance in Cambodia and the Philippines Aser B. Javier and
Don Joseph J. Medrana
October 2007
162 経済成長-不平等-貧 困削減の三角関係に関する一考察
The Eternal Triangle of Growth, Inequality, and Poverty Reduction: A Survey of Findings
大坪 滋
Shigeru OTSUBO
October 2007
161 Poverty Reduction in Vietnam, 2001-2005: Trickle-Down Effect or PRSP Effect? Hiroshi OSADA October 2007
160 The Roles of NGOs in Rural Poverty Reduction: The Case of Indonesia and India Suharko October 2007
159 The Implications of Japanese Engagement Policy towards Myanmar:1988-Present Suppakarn Pongyelar October 2007
158 ガバナンスをめぐる論 議と今後の方向性:貧困削減の第二の柱 木村 宏恒 October 2007
157 Building Interdisciplinary Development Studies through Poverty Reduction Case
(English) / (Japanese)
KIMURA Hirotsune
October 2007
156 Education Reforms for Contributing to National Stability and Integration: Cases of the Philippines, Cambodia and Bangladesh Yuto KITAMURA September 2007
155 トヨタ生産方式の非営 利組織体に対する適用可能性に関する一考察 ―システム・リ・デザインアプローチ― 河田 信 July 2007
154 東アジア共同体と中日 関係 喬 林生 June 2007
153 Local Council Commons Management in Uganda: A Theoretical Reassessment Fumihiko SAITO April 2007
152 Regional Economic Integration and its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution:The Case of Indonesia Djoni Hartono,
D.S. Priyarsono,
Tien Dung Nguyen
and Mitsuo Ezaki
March 2007
151 Pursuing Sustainable Community and Promoting Japan’s Culture towards the 21st Century ―Summary and Prospects of the Citizen’s Forum Symposia at the World Exposition of 2005―
(English) / (Japanese)
KIMURA Hirotsune February 2007
150 Active Citizenship, Forest Governance Institutions and the Public or Common Good Donald Curtis January 2007
149 CGE Model and Its Micro and Macro Closures Mitsuo Ezaki October 2006
148 The Impact of Natural and Manmade Disasters on Household Welfare Yasuyuki Sawada September 2006
147 Regional Economic Integration and its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution: The Case of Thailand Chaiwoot Chaipan,
Tien Dung Nguyen
and Mitsuo Ezaki
September 2006
146 Forging an ASEAN Community: Its Significance, Problems and Prospects Sueo Sudo September 2006
145 Production, Social Accounting and Financial Social Accounting Multiplier Analyses with the Financial Social Accounting Matrix of Pakistan Abdul WAHEED and Mitsuo EZAKI September 2006
144 Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution: The Case of China Fei WANG and Mitsuo EZAKI August 2006
143 Implications of International Differences in Determinants of Monetary Policy Framework on Price Stability:Inferences from Fifty-Two Central Banks in the Late 1990s Waranya ATCHARIYACHANVANICH August 2006
142 How Japanese Firms Make a Competitive Advantage in South Asia: The Experience of South Asian Based Japanese Subsidiaries/ Joint Ventures and Indigenous Firms Md. Khasro MIAH March 2006
141 A Financial Social Accounting Matrix for Pakistan Abdul WAHEED and MitsuoEZAKI March 2006
140 アグリカルチュラル・ インボリューション論と勤勉革命 -日本との比較におけるジャワ島の近代- 大橋厚子 March 2006
139 A Three-Dimensional Model for Cross-Country Analysis of Determinants of Monetary Policy Framework Waranya Atchariyachanvanich February 2006
138 The Effect of HRM Practices on Managerial Beliefs and Firm Performance in South Asia: A Pragmatic Study between South Asian based Japanese subsidiaries/Joint Ventures and Indigenous Companies Md. Khasro Miah February 2006
137 Sustainablity and Determinants of Domestic Public Debt of Pakistan Abdul Waheed January 2006
136 The Distributional Effects of Compliance with Food Safety and Agricultural Health Standards on Small Producers in Developing Countries Sanae Ito December 2005
135 Community Empowerment by NGOs- Experience from the Fourth Fisheries Project in Bangladesh Kazi Ali Toufique December 2005
134 Impacts of Trade Liberalization, Tax Reform and FDI Inflow to the Slovak Republic consequential to EU Integration - A World Link CGE Model Analysis Karol Koronczi and Mitsuo Ezaki October 2005
133 「先住民に関する国連 作業部会」の動向と日本 への意味合い-第22会期の参加観察を中心に- 手島武雅 March 2005
132 Regional Economic Integration and its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution: The Case of Vietnam Tien Dung Nguyen and Mitsuo Ezaki March 2005
131 貧困削減戦略における マクロ経済政策と貧困のリンケージに関する予備的考察 -ASEAN諸国におけるPRSP体制の意味- 長田 博 March 2005
130 Financing Basic Education in Developing Countries: An Analysis of International Commitments to the EFA Fast-Track Initiative Yuto Kitamura March 2005
129 Global Area Studies and Fieldwork Narifumi Maeda Tachimoto December 2004
128 ?年:从??到?代 ―并略及中日?年?俗?同的比?― 程 ? December 2004
127 The Economic Situation of the Philippines and Lipa City, Batangas Province: Lipa City’s Development Projects And Their Evaluation Mimosa Cortez Ocampo August 2004
126 Supply and Use Tables, Input-Output, and a 2000 Social Accounting Matrix for the Slovak Republic Karol Koronczi April 2004
125 Philosophy and Practice of Devocratic Schooling: Education for the Development of Individuality and Responsibility Naoshi Kira March 2004
124 日系メーカーアジア子会社における人材育成:「○型&□型」の融合に向けた取 り組みをめぐって 林 尚志 March 2004
123 ≪法と社会≫異なる規範とパワーの狭間で:ベトナム・ホアビンダム湖周辺保全 林地区に住む人々の土地使用権獲得プロセスと「貧困」及び「森林破壊」への示唆 菅原 鈴香 February 2004
122 Project Economic Analysis in Practice: The Case of Lao Primary Health Care Expansion Project Manabu Fujimura February 2004
121 Illegal Mining in West Sumatra, Indonesia: Actors and Access in the Post-Suharto Era Erwiza Erman February 2004
120 Multicultural Education in International Context: A Reflexive Dialogue Mark Langager December 2003
119 名古屋大学大学院国際開発研究科が実施している海外実地研修の歴史的変遷と運 営に関する一考察 梅村 哲夫 November 2003
118 Can Digitization Reduce Inequality within Countries and Close the Knowledge Gap between Developing Countries? Marie Lavoie August 2003
117 “満洲国”時期日本推行“朝鮮移民政策”全貌 孫 春日 June 2003
116 中日稲作文化比較研究 : 以照葉樹林文化為分析框架 管 彦波 April 2003
115 The Needs of Elderly People for Supporting Their Independency by Utilizing Health Care Technology and Japanese Markets for Health Care Technology Products Kitinoja Helli, Makelainen Ville-Pekka and Wakabayashi Mitsuru February 2003
114 Managerial Skill Practices among Asian Managers: Job Contexts and Cultural Influences Mitsuru Wakabayashi and Chen Ziguang February 2003
113 Changing Industrialization Policy of East Asia under Globalization Kuchki Akifumi February 2003
112 資金決済システムの法的課題(下) 久保田隆 January 2003
111 資金決済システムの法的課題(上) 久保田隆 January 2003
110 Reinterpreting Your Own Text Fabio RAMBELLI December 2002
109 Literacy Education for Eradicating Illiteracy among Rural Population Effects of UNICEF’s CASD Literacy Program on Rural Leraners’ Capabilities in Two Districts in Takeo Province@ cambodia Mitsuru WAKABAYASHI and Rath Sethic November 2002
108 黄河下流域の洪水防災における伝統技術と民俗知識について(中国語) 丘桓興 櫻井龍彦(解説) November 2002
107 深田における田植え習俗について(中国語) 丘桓興 櫻井龍彦(解説) November 2002
106 Local Wisdom and Modern Approach on Rural Development: A Case Study of Khon Kaen Province in Thailand Phaisal Lekuthai Sep-2002
105 De quelque motifs mythiques ou legendaires de la mer et de la montagne au Japon Jean-Pierre Giraud Jul-02
104 The Multiperspective Vision of W. Shakespear’s Sonnets J. Kolker May-02
103 ロシアの宗教セクト<モロカン教徒>研究序説 安村仁志 Mar-02
102 外国人住民を受け入れた日本人住民の意識-豊田市H団地2001年質問紙調査 の中間報告から- 都築くるみ Mar-02
101 A Glimpse of the Global Perspective on Foreign Language Education J. Kolker Mar-02
100 国際法における居住権の相貌 阿部浩己 Mar-02
99 The Process of Industrial Development in Thailand Chlaiporn Amonvatana Mar-02
98 植物遺伝資源の管理と参加型開発 歴史と可能性 西川芳昭 Mar-02
97 予防・開発的アプローチに向けた留学生担当者の役割に関する予備的考察 田所真生子 Dec-01
96 La litterature japonaise moderne et les couleurs Elements pour une reflexion Claire Dodane Mar-01
95 A Global Analysis on Current Financial Transactions and Policies Takashi KUBOTA ed. Mar-01
94 Project Financing An Effective Tool for International Development Kunio KIKUCHI Mar-01
93 オリエンタリズムと観光立県オキナワ・序説 ましこ・ひでのり Feb-01
92 先住民族の知識と極地探検、軍事利用、そしてアグリビジネス-アイヌ民族と日 本人の南極探検からバイオ・パイラシーまで- 上村英明 Feb-01
91 Science and mathematics Education Development in Cambodia through Building Higher Education Systems NETH Barom and WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru Jan-01
90 アジア的価値と韓国の法文化論 徐元宇 Nov-00
89 Asia pacific Constitutional systems: The Legitimacy of States, Governance, and Globalism Graham Hassall Aug-00
88 Intellectuals and the Establishment of Identities in the Thai Absolute Monarchy State Saichol Sattayanurak Aug-00
87 中日金鶏伝説崇信的文化走向-以中国的江南古越地区為対象- 陳勤建 Apr-00
86 アジア太平洋地域における産業と所得の連関に関する試論 佐野敬夫 Mar-00
85 Could Import Protection Drive Manufacturing Exports in Africa? John THOBURN Mar-00
84 90年代の中国文学考察 湯学智 Feb-00
83 21世紀の国際取引法 演習論文集 久保田ゼミ Jan-00
82 ジャワ史における疫病-19世紀初頭から20世紀初頭まで- 大木昌 Jan-00
81 我が国における資産流動化と法制整備の現局 高橋正彦 Nov-99年
80 自立・分散型組織の実態と成立の条件 城戸康彰 Nov-99
79 国土開発と意思決定 春田尚よし Sep-99
78 Teacher Training Systems in Cambodia Nath Bunroeun Aug-99
77 Urban and Rural Development Appraisal: A Case Study of Lampang Province in Thailand Phaisal Lekuthai Sep-99
76 ベトナムにおける「創作の自由」-党、法、および社会- 加藤栄 Aug-99
75 益岡隆志著『モダリティの文法』くろしお出版1991ロシア語試訳 コズロフ・ユーリー Jun-99
74 日中CDMのマクロ経済分析-炭素税導入のケース・スタディ- 江崎光男・孫林・金城盛彦 Jul-99
73 日本海の環境保護の現状と課題 富岡仁 Mar-99
72 Conservation and Management of Marine Living Resources: Comments in Light of Current International Legal Regime and Recent Developments Huang Shoulin Mar-99
71 日韓漁業協定と新領海法―韓国漁船拿捕事件をめぐって 坂元茂樹 Mar-99
70 Problems of Language Policy and ethnic Identity in the Multiracial Nation Some Phases of Russian Nationalism Shuichi MORIOKA Nov-98
69 日本語の待遇表現と人間関係-社会的規範と個の尊重のはざまで- 秦喜美恵 Mar-99
68 日本語動詞のアスペクト体系の解説辞典プロジェクトおよび編纂の手引き コズロフ・ユーリー Mar-99
67 Integrated Rural Development in Thailand: A Case Study of Chiang Rai Province Phaisal Lekuthai Sep-98
66 Regional Development in Thailand Case Study of the Northern Region Sriwongse Sumitra Jul-98
65 世界銀行における開発経済学の展開―1990年代の『世界開発報告』を中心に 毛利良一 Feb-98
64 Introduction of the Joaquim Nabco Foundation and the Reform of the State Organization Implemented by the Brazilian Federal Government Julia Kumi Kaneyasu Jun-98
63 The Revival of Ritual Self-Flagellation and the Birth of Crucifixion in Lowland Christian Philippines Nicholas H. Barker Jul-98
62 中国経済の成長会計分析(1981-95年) 江崎光男・孫林 Mar-98
61 北京市・遼寧省・山東省の地域開発政策―地域の移行経済の観点から- 顧林生 Mar-98
60 東南アジア諸国の資本移動と為替管理政策:危機管理の連動性について 小野田純丸 Mar-98
59 Industrial Policy in the Transition Economy of Vietnam Nguyen Nhu BinhB Mar-98
58 開発コミュニケーション:その理論と実践 久保田賢一 Mar-98
57 サブサハラ・アフリカの農業農村開発-タンザニア・コートジボアール・ジンバ ブエの農業機械化を中心に- 米山正博 Jul-97
56 中国民俗学の回顧 陶立バン Sep-97
55 Electricity Tariff and Investment Policy: The Case of the Java-Bali Interconnected Supply System Faried W. mansoer Jul-97
54 比較民俗学の課題について 陶立バン Aug-97
53 中国の仮面儀礼とシャーマニズム 陶立バン Jun-97
52 日本型経営システムの転換と人事管理の変革 若林満、渡辺直登、城戸康彰 Apr-97
51 マクロ経済管理システムと政策の中日比較 Feng Ai-Ling Mar-97
50 GO-NGO Collaboration in Local Development: Making It Work Eduardo A. Sabio Dec-96
49 An Analytical Framework of Local Systems in Development Toshihiro YOGO Nov-96
48 Japanese Assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa in the Field of Agriculture Masao YOSHIDA Sep-96
47 Newspapers and Environmental Issues Ana Nadhya Abrar Sep-96
46 「アジア型」経済発展と開発問題 嘉数啓 Apr-96
45 人権条約に対する留保をめぐる最近の動向 薬師寺公夫 Apr-96
44 Educational Development among the Popular Sectors in Mexico Akio YONEMURA Jan-96
43 Organizational Maladaptation of the First Generation of Factory Workers: A Case Study in Northern Thailand Akihiko OHNO Mar-96
42 Chinese Higher Education Reform: from the “State Model” to the “Social Model” Zhen-guo Yuan Mar-96
41 中国経済のインフレーションと価格競争力 江崎光男・伊藤正一・王名・板倉健 Mar-96
40 Rapid Rural Appraisal The University of the Philippines at Los Banos Experience Romeo B. Obedoza ?
39 The Development Dimension of Japanese Agricultural Development Eilfred B. Carada Mar-95
38 Development Paradigms and Operational Principles of Development management Wilfred B. Carada Mar-95
37 Industrialization and Environmental Issues in Thailand Nobuko ICHIKAWA Aug-95
36 Regional Development in Indonesia Amiruddin Ardani Jul-96
35 タイの経済発展と日本の直接投資 石井昌司 Aug-95
34 Rural Development Planning: A Case Study of Korat Province in Thailand Phaisal Lekuthai Sep-95
33 NGO・NPO税制の課題 石村耕治 Mar-95
32 The Developing Patterns of Chinese Regional Economies Shoichi ITO Mar-95
31 The Flying-Geese Pattern of Development in East Asia: A General Equilibrium Approach Mitsuo EZAKI and Shoichi ITO Jul-95
30 Human Resource Development Problems and Policies with Reference to Private Higher Education in Indonesia Yahya Muhaimin Sep-94
29 Institutional and Legal Environment in Vietnam Dao Tri Uc Mar-95
28 人が問題を解く過程:その表象論的見方と状況論的見方 三宅なほみ Mar-95
27 The Peace Process 1948-1994 Constraints and Capabilities Sa’ad Abudayeh Dec-94
26 Inventing Truth: Conflicts as Content in U.S. News Media Gopalan Ravindran Aug-94
25 Feminist Perspectives on Sustainable Development TANIGUCHI Yoshiko Jul-94
24 Japan in the New Stage of World Capitalism: A Regional Context of Problems in Law and Development in Philippine-Japanese Relations Merin M. Magallona Jul-94
23 Orient as a Border Maja Mi∴inski Mar-94
22 インドにおける小規模灌漑の発達 多田博一 Mar-94
21 Primary School in a Wet Rice Village in Rural Indonesia as Basic Modernizer Haruo KUROYANAGI Aug-94
20 Planning & Management of Regional Development A General Comparison of China with Japan, with a Case Study on Shanghai and Aichi LU Deming Mar-94
19 中欧諸国における法の構造転換プロセス 島村博 Mar-94
18 Human Development in South Asia with Special Reference to Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Altaf Hossain Mar-94
17 Transnationalization of Television in Asia: Trends and Issues Gopalan Ravindran Mar-94
16 Random Notes on Some Issues in Communication Gopalan Ravindran Mar-94
15 Towards Education for Health Care Awareness in Developing Countries: Bolivian Case Shigeru ASANUMA, Masako LI Feb-94
14 Human Development: Problems and Prospects Altaf Hossain Jan-94
13 Growth and Structural Changes in Asian Countries Mitsuo EZAKI Jan-94
12 Transportation Investment Plannning in Indonesia Dominicus Savio Priyarsono Aug-93
11 Response in Japan to Boycott of Japanese Goods & 1974 Controversial ASEAN Visit by Prime Minister Tanaka Toh Lam-Seng Jul-93
10 21世紀パラダイムとしての「国際協力」論 武者小路公秀 Mar-93
9 体験的国際協力論 岩崎駿介 Mar-93
8 Production Technology in Foreign and Local Firms in Thai Manufacturing Eric D. Ramstetter Mar-93
7 Poverty Alleviation through Rural Development Shoaib Sultan Khan Mar-93
6 Planning and the Free Market: A CGE Analysis of the Chinese Economy Mitsuo EZAKI and Shoichi ITO Jan-93
5 Import Liberalization of Japan in the 1960s and its Impacts on Manufacturing Industries Hiroshi OSADA Jan-93
4 The Optimal Provision of Compulsory Education and Tax-Subsidy on Private Education N. OKUNO
3 Educational Planning and Management for Human Resource Development in Thailand Snanchit Sukontasap Sep-92
1 OF TOUNAMENTS AND TEAMS Raul V. Fabella Jan-92

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