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Forum of International Development Studies No.43(2013.03) Japanese
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Last Updated: 25/03/2013 , Publication Committee

Special Issue on Professor Kimiaki TAKAHASHI’s Retirement
PDF File The Meaning of the Articles that Reported Ainu Skull Bones:
Discovery and Excavation of“ outcrop” of the Past
PDF File Social Business for Pro-Poor Growth (560KB)
Sanae ITO
PDF File Crisis Management and Development Path:
Southeast Asia in the First Half of the 19th Century
PDF File On the Relation Between the Intonation Types and the Functions of
Discourse Particles in Japanese
David Yoshikazu OSHIMA
PDF File A Challenge for a University to Become Internationalized:
A Case Study of Faculty Members at a Local Private University
PDF File Roles of Foreign Aid in Narrowing Development Gaps:
A Cross-Country Analysis on Aid, Institutions, and Growth
PDF File Meaning of Women’s Income for Fulfillment of Household Needs:
A Case of Hausa in Northern Nigeria
Kiyomi KAIDA
PDF File Exploring Direct and Indirect Effects of Information and
Communications Technology (ICT) Investment:
Experience of the Indian Manufacturing Sector
Mandar Vijay KULKARNI
PDF File Performance on Sanitary and Environmental Indicators and the Demand
for Exports of Fishery Products: Case Study of the Shrimps and
Prawns from Mozambique
Reinaldo Mendiate
PDF File Assessing the Preference of the Public for Environmental Quality
Improvement Schemes Using Conjoint Analysis Method:
the Case of the Ping River, Thailand
Essam Yassin Mohammed
PDF File Masculinity in Japanese Culture Viewed Through Ideas of
‘ phallus’:
Sexual Swear Words in Japanese
Alireza REZAEE

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