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Forum of International Development Studies No.38(2009.03) Japanese
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Last Updated: 01/04/2009 , Publication Committee

PDF File Vietnam Integrating with the Regional Economy:
A Dynamic Simulation Analysis
NGUYEN Tien Dung
PDF File Corpora and Grammar (6.42MB)
Tsutomu OHNA
PDF File Chinese Migrants in the First World War:
The Recruitment of Chinese Contract Laborers in Harbin by Russian Enterprises
PDF File The Influence of Dutch Legal Study in 19th Century on Indonesian Adat Law Study:
On Cornelis van Vollenhoven's Adat Law Study
PDF File The Changing Structure of the Banana Industry in the Philippines and Its Implication on Local Workers (6.60MB)
PDF File Impacts of Import Liberalization Policy on Economic Growth in Vietnam:
A Channel Analysis
DINH Thi Hoang Yen
PDF File Families and Women of Muslim Societies in Northwestern China:
Case Study of a Hui Family in Linxia City, Gansu, China
JIN Xianyu
PDF File Challenges for International Cooperation in Disaster Preparedness/Reduction:
A Case-Study of JICA's Activities in Thailand after the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster
TANAKA Takanobu
PDF File The Role of the Buyer in the Upgrading of Rural Enterprises in Thailand:
Lessons from 13 Silk-Weaving Enterprises in Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Rachasima Province
PDF File The Role and the Challenges of Development Assistance toward Conflict Prevention:
Based on the Overview of Japan's ODA to Rwanda
TODA Takao
PDF File Determinants of Productivity of the Japanese SME Sector:
The Impacts of Active and Passive SME Policies
Lucas VALL
PDF File Trade Negotiations in the East Asian Region:
Cooperative versus Non-Cooperative Game Analysis
PDF File The Process of Pushing “Manchurian Emigrants” and Its Regional Foundation in the Nagano Prefecture: Focused on the Period between Taisho Era and 1945 (10.03MB)
ZHAO Yanmin

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