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Forum of International Development Studies No.36(2008.03) Japanese
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Last Updated: 11/04/2008 , Publication Committee

"Special Issue "Building Interdisciplinary Development Studies through the Case of Poverty Reduction"( I )"
PDF File Building Interdisciplinary Development Studies through the Case of Poverty Reduction (5.77MB)
KIMURA Hirotsune
PDF File The Eternal Triangle of Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction:
A Survey of Findings
OTSUBO Shigeru
PDF File Trekking the Pathways in Building Good Governance in Cambodia and the Philippines (4.60MB)
Aser B. JAVIER, and Don Joseph M. MEDRANA
PDF File The Direction of Governance:
The Second Pillar of Poverty Reduction Strategy
KIMURA Hirotsune
PDF File Basic Education Reforms in Cambodia and Bangladesh:
Expansion of Access and Improvement of Quality

PDF File Factors Affecting Human Resource Management Practices of Foreign Subsidiaries:
A Case Study of Japanese Multinational Companies in Malaysia
PDF File The Role of Foreign-Affiliated Firms in Regional Industrial Development of China's Bohai Area:
A Case Study on the Relations between Foreign-Affiliated and Local Firms
Haiyue JIANG
PDF File Status of Chinese Islamic Women as Seen in Husband-Wife Relations in the Hui Community:
A Case Study from Linxia Country, Gansu Province
JIN Xianyu
PDF File Contribution of Knowledge Economy and Agglomeration Economies to Economic Growth in OECD Countries (6.83MB)
PDF File Macroeconomic Policy Analysis of Vietnam:
A Macro-Econometric Model Approach
LE Anh Minh
PDF File The Financial Social Accounting Matrix for China, 2002, and Its Application to a Multiplier Analysis (7.98MB)
Jia LI
PDF File Pragmatic Transfer by Chinese Advanced Learners of Japanese:
Expressing Politeness in the Context of Refusals to Requests
PDF File Governance, Foreign Direct Investment, and Economic Growth (7.98MB)
Penghuy NGOV
PDF File The Impact of Rice Policy Reform on the Terms of Trade for Rice Farmers in Indonesia (4.92B)

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