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Forum of International Development Studies No.35(2007.8) Japanese
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Last Updated:5/9/2007 , Publication Committee

PDF File How to Develop Sport in Developing Countries?:
A Case Study of the FIFA Development Program in the South-Pacific Region
PDF File The Transition from Immigration Restriction to the Importation of Labor:
Recent Migration Patterns and Chinese Migrants in Russia
PDF File A Method to Induce the Underlying Constraints on the Occurrences of Events from Time-Sequential Observations(5.13MB)
SIRAI Hidetosi,
SUGIURA Masatoshi
PDF File Dynamics of Non-Traditional Politics in a Philippine City:
The Possibilities and Limitations of Non-Traditional Politicians
PDF File Sustaining Service to the Poor through the Transformation Process of the Commercialization of Microfinance:
The Experience of CARD Bank in the Philippines
Maria Agnes R. ARCIAGA
PDF File The Acquisition ofJapanese Compound Verbs and Implications for Teaching:
An Examination of "au" and "komu" at Xi'an Foreign Language University
PDF File The Cooperative Movement under the Agrarian Reform Regime:
The Experience of Rubber Plantation Cooperatives in the Philippines
PDF File Unregulated Central-Local Structures of Power:
The Politics of Fiscal Decentralization in the Philippines
Weena J. S. GERA
PDF File Facilitation or Enforcement? Reflections on the Role and Competence of the Kyoto Protocol Compliance Committee (9.42MB)
IWATA Masataka
PDF File Dilemmas of "Community Based Management'' in Providing "Safe Water":
A Case Study of the Arsenic Mitigation Project in Bangladesh
PDF File The Political Structure of Educational Policy Making in Bolivia:
A Historical Analysis of the Legislative Process of Educational Reform
PDF File Information Provided by the 'Consultation Service for Foreigners':
Case Studies of Latin Americans of Japanese Descent
PDF File Change of Japanese Public Gaze on Shanghai Image:
The TUrning Point of the Year 1931
XU Qing
PDF File A Multiplier Analysis of Multi-Regional Social Accounting Matrix (CMRSAM) for China(13.9MB)
Zuoyi YE

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