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Forum of International Development Studies No.34(2007.03) Japanese
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Last Updated:20/03/2007 , Publication Committee

Special Issue on Professor Nobuyuki YASUDA's Retirement
PDF File Traditional Knowledge, Biological Resources and Intellectual Property Rights in Asia:
The Example of the Philippines
Christoph ANTONS
PDF File Law and Economic Development: Re-Considering Various Economic Schools on the Relationship between Property Rights and Economic Growth(6.91MB)
SATO Hajime
PDF File An 'Evolution' of the Concept of Development:
How does the World Bank's Legal Assistance Reach to Anti-Money Laundering?
PDF File Land Reform in Mongolia and the Challenges of Environmental Protection:
With Particular Reference to Pasturelands
KATO Hisakazu
PDF File A Meaningful Shift from Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility to Protect?(10.2MB)
PDF File Considering the "Ainu"-"Japanese" Relations by Their Naming:
To Name Others and to Name Oneself
PDF File The Policy Direction of the Chinese Draft Anti-Monopoly Law in 2006 and Its Future Challenges:
The Current State of the Reform and Opening-Up
PDF File The Legal Aspects of the Anti-Pollution Levy and the Problems of the Environmental Pollution Regulation System in China (8.76MB)
PDF File Gram Sabha in Panchayati Raj Legislation in India:
Review of Its Role and Status
ASANO Noriyuki
PDF File Thai Slavery System As a Security System(5.8MB)
PDF File Legal Transplants under the Legal Technical Assistances:
A Survey of the Issues from the Practical Viewpoint
PDF File Introduction to Regulation of Competition in South East Asia:
A Comparative Study of Antimonopoly Laws in Vietnam and Indonesia, and Their Models
Le-Thuy TRAN
PDF File Poverty, Land and Property Rights: Memorandum from the Consideration on Transition of Land Policy of WB and the Discussion of Hernando de Soto(6.24MB)
PDF File Climate Change and North-South Divide:
Between and Within
Virak PRUM
PDF File A Personal Reminiscence of Forty Years of Asian Law Study:
From Asian Law Research to Law and Development Study
YASUDA Nobuyuki

PDF File Career and Works of Professor YASUDA Nobuyuki(1.8MB)

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