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Forum of International Development Studies No.33(2007.03) Japanese
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Last Updated:20/03/2007 , Publication Committee

Special Issue on Professor Mitsuo EZAKI's Retirement
PDF File Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty Reduction in East Asia(12.2MB)
Mitsuo EZAKI
PDF File Pro-Poor Growth Approach:
Issues and Its Workability
OSADA Hiroshi
PDF File Examinations on Motives for Private Transfers in Vietnam (7.38MB)
PDF File A Study of Economic Valuation of Tideland based on Waste-Management SAM:
An Attempt of Waste-Management SAM as a Tool of Comprehensive LCA
KINJO Morihiko
PDF File A Case Study of Advocacy Activities by Environmental NGOs in China(3.72MB)
WANG Ming and ZHENG Qi
PDF File The Impacts of Consumption Tax Reform for Passenger Car in China:
Simulation Analysis by CGE Model
PDF File China's FTA Strategy(5.54MB)
PDF File The Rise of Global Logistics in East Asia (2.46MB)
Mariner WANG
PDF File An Inquiry into the Regional Disparity in Per Capita Income and Labour Productivity:
A Case of Sri Lanka
PDF File Labor Migration and Regional Development in China:
A Regional CGE Analysis
WANG Fei, GUO Songhong, and EZAKI Mitsuo
PDF File Regional Economic Integration and the Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution:
The Case of Vietnam
Tien Dung NGUYEN and Mitsuo EZAKI
PDF File A World Link CGE Model Applied to the Economic Reform in the Slovak Republic and EU Enlargement(10.1MB)
Karol KORONCZI and Mitsuo EZAKI
PDF File Production, Social Accounting and Financial Social Accounting Multiplier Analyses with the Financial Social Accounting Matrix of Pakistan(6.62MB)
Abdul WAHEED and Mitsuo EZAKI

PDF File Career and Works of Professor EZAKI Mitsuo(3.4MB)

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