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Forum of International Development Studies No.31(2006.02) Japanese
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PDF File Economic and Political Influences of the BTC Pipeline in the South Caucasus (1,127KB)
PDF File Implementation of Environmental Policies in Yokkaichi, Japan: What are the Lessons to the Development Literature? (7,306KB)
Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira
PDF File FDI-Growth Nexus in Vietnam(6,631KB)
Le Viet ANH
PDF File The Impact of ADR towards Improving the Status of Poor Women: Reformed Shalish and NGO-Based Mediation in Bangladesh(7,192KB)
BEGUM Shamshad
PDF File Convergence of Lao Human Resource Management: Lessons from Four Firms (9,679KB)
PDF File Regional Allocation of Production Factors and Economic Development in Japan: A Regional Macro-CGE Analysis (15,538KB)
KATAOKA Mitsuhiko
PDF File Change in Food culture due to Intercultural Contact: A Case Study of the Food Culture of Ethnic Koreans in China (10,079KB)
LI Enxiang
PDF File Potential Issues in Food Reform Process and Impacts of Policy Options: The Case of China (8,656KB)
LI Mong
PDF File Indonesian Tax Administration Reform: A Pradigm Shift to Good Governance Practices (7,365KB)
PDF File A Study on Russian and Japanese Behavioral Patterns: A Comparative Analysis of Far East, Siberia and Central Region in Russia (9,408KB)
PDF File International Evidence on the Role of Financial Sector in Economic Growth with Less Volatile Business Cycles (6,271KB)
Farkhanda SHAMIM
PDF File The Image of Shanghai in Japan around 1930: Case Studies from the Criminal Science and the Criminal Review (7,778KB)
XU Qing

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