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Forum of International Development Studies No.28(2005.03) Japanese
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PDF File Computational Analysis of the Economic Impacts of Japan’s FDI in Asia (198KB)
Shigeru OTSUBO
PDF File Structural Change and Its Impact on Productivity in Japan, Korea, and Singapore (1970-2000) (95KB)
PDF File The Changing HRM Practices of Japanese Firms and the Impacts on Compensation Practices of Japanese Affiliates in Malaysia (143KB)
CHEW Yin Teng
PDF File Assessment of Cooperative Movement in a Developing Country: The Philippine Experience (197KB)
PDF File Potential for Introducing Community Business Framework in Agro-Based LDCs: A Case Study of Income Generating Acitivities in the Lao P. D. R. (65KB)
KAMO Sachiko
PDF File Decentralization within the Centripetal Expression of State Power: Re-Guiding Cambodian Statutory Devolution (109KB)
PRUM Virak
PDF File A Perspective from the Village in Cambodia: Toward Democratization from Below (83KB)
PDF File The Metaphor of Death and the Popular Image toward Death and Life:
Focusing on “The Days of Dead” in Mexico City
PDF File An Analysis of the Organizational Structure of the Provincial Party and Administration under the 1991 Constitution in Lao P. D. R. :
The Case Study of Vientiane Province
SETO Hiroyuki
PDF File The Behavior of Public External Debt in Pakistan:
A Financial Macroeconomic Analysis
PDF File Early Stage of Bingxin’s “Problem Novel”: The Significance of Women’s Death(108KB)
YU Ping

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