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Forum of International Development Studies No.25(2004.02) Japanese
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Article of Visiting Research Fellow
PDF File A Political-Economy Approach to Development and Institutions:
New Institutional Economics and Indian Economists
ESHO Hideki

PDF File Land Property Right on “Tanzania Village Land Act, 1999”:
Comparative Study with the Theory of “A Group of Householders Using
the Commons as a Mini-Corporate Body” (Kato (1996))
PDF File VAR Analysis of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms:
Empirical Study on Five Asian Countries after the Asian Crisis
PDF File The Functions of Village Organization “Barangay” and Local Society of the Philippines: A Case Study of One Village of Laguna (106KB)
PDF File Wandering and Belonging in Mary Shelley’s Writings:
Frankenstein and Maurice, or the Fisher’ s Cot
PDF File Philippine Policy on Medium of Instruction:
A Study on Effective Medium of Instruction in a Multilingual Country
PDF File Logistics Industry, Market and Structural Changes in the People’s Republic of China (95KB)
LI Ruixue
PDF File A Test of the Controversial Assumptions in the McKinnon-Shaw Hypothesis versus Neo-Structuralist Propositions: An Empirical Test from a Field Survey in the Congo (94KB)
Jean-Claude MASWANA
PDF File Political Mobilization of Grassroots Women and its Implication:
A Case Study of PROSHIKA in Bangladesh
PDF File Strengthening NGO Accountability through Beneficiary Participation:
Lessons Learned from Two Cambodian NGOs
NGIN Chanrith
PDF File The Determinants of Health Improvements in Developing Countries: The Case of Thailand (116KB)
PDF File Regional Income Inequality and the Effects of Public Capital Allocation in China:
Based on the Data “Capital Construction Investment”1978-97
YU Rong

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