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Forum of International Development Studies No.24(2003.08) Japanese
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"Issues of Sustainable Growth in China for the 21st Century"(II)
PDF File Short-Run Economic Impacts of China's Accession to WTO and the Trade-Related Issues (398KB)
OSADA Hiroshi
PDF File Roles of MNCs in Regional Development and their Locational Determinants: The Case of China (382KB)
PDF File Development of Regional Economic Model for Policy Evaluation on Logistics in China (1154KB)
OKUDA Takaaki, TANEKURA Fuminori and QI Shuchang
PDF File Suggestions on Promoting the Nonprofit Sector in China (439KB)
WANG Ming, WANG Shaoguang

Articles of Visiting Research Fellows
PDF File Corporate Governance in Australia : Some Recent Developments (405KB)
Malcolm SMITH

PDF File Female Inferiority and Gender Division of Labor:
"Ayip"("Shamefulness") in Turkish Rural Society
PDF File The Appropriateness of Trade Liberalization in the Industrial Sector of the Russia Federation (437KB)
PDF File Regional Income Inequality and Public Capital Allocation in Postwar Japan (448KB)
KATAOKA Mitsuhiko
PDF File Mingling of Cultural Representation of Ethnic Tourism in Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture (448KB)
PDF File Impact of Bank Loans on Private Investment in Malaysia in the 1990s and its Policy Implications (396KB)
PDF File The Research of the International Jurisdiction in Taiwan (391KB)
SHIH Wenhua
PDF File NGOs, Government and Promotion of Democratic Governance in the Post-New Order Indonesia (436KB)
PDF File Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Development: A Cross-Country Empirical Study (445KB)
Syamsul M. TARIGAN
PDF File The Role of the Guanyao Imperial Kiln in the Progress of Jingdezhen's Ceramics Industry: 1402-1756 (399KB)
YU Zhongqian
PDF File The International Transfer of Skills in the Skill-Intensive Industry:
Based on the Field Research of Three Die and Mold Companies in Chubu Region

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