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Forum of International Development Studies No.20(2001.12) Japanese
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Potentials of Poverty Alleviation Interventions in a Decentralized Local Governance: The Case of the Philippines Wilfredo B. CARADA
The Poverty Alleviation Policy and Local Governance in the Philippines: A Review of Issues and Ironies Aser B. JAVIER
Social Exclusion: A New Dimension in Philippine Poverty Alleviation Nelson J.V.B. QUERIJERO
NGO-GO Collaboration in Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Oriental Mindoro Province, Philippines Mimosa C. OCAMPO
Performance of a Privately Owned and Operated Water Utility and Implications for Private Sector Participation in the Production and Delivery of Water Services in Small Towns and Cities in the Philippines Roberto Reyes ACOSTA
Decentralization and Local Autonomy in Indonesia Hisae NAKANISHI
Poverty Alleviation Programs during the Economic Crisis in Indonesia National Versus Local Pictures Wahyudi KUMOROTOMO
NGOs and Government Relations in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Social Safety Net Program SUHARKO
The Capacity Building for Democratic Developmental Local Governance Hirotsune KIMURA
Law and Development Thinking after the Asian Crisis of 1997 Christoph ANTONS
One Observation of Recent Empirical Studies on Corruption, and Anti-Corruption Policies and Strategies in Developing Countries Eiji OYAMADA
The Flower Business in Taiwan: Export Changes and Conditions that Promote Export Growth LIN Sheng-Chien

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