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Forum of International Development Studies No.19(2001.10) Japanese
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Regional Supply Network of Samsung Group in Southeast Asia JUN, Yongwook and CHO, Du-Sop
A Study on the Dynamism of Technological Learning: The X=Case of Samsung TV Sector in Korea YOON, Jong On and CHO, Du-Sop
Japanese Transplants and the Technological Capability in Mexico Etsuko SUGIYAMA
Diffusion of Corporate Culture in Asia: Technique of Body in Subsidiaries of Japanese Companies TAKAGI Hiroyoshi
The Transition from the Military to Civilian Regime in Guatemala: As the First Step in the Democratization Process Eri TOBINAGA
The Growth in Automobile Production and Trade in Two Mercosur Countries. Argentina and Brazil, and the Impact of Exports to Argentina on Brazilian Industrial Sectors MITUIASSU Aparecida Mitsue
Economic Governance and Economic Performance in Developing Countries Yoichiro ISHIHARA

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