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Forum of International Development Studies No.18(2001.03) Japanese
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Special Issue for the 10 th Anniversary of GSID, Nagoya University Seeking a New Paradaigm of International Development Studies in the 21st Century: Crossroads between "Global" and "Local"

Preface Introduction

Section 1
Seeking a New Paradigm of International Development Studies in the 21st Century: Crossroads between "Global" and "Local"
from Global Perspectives
Political Science in the Study of International Development KIMURA Hirotsune
The Role of Government under the Era of Globalization from the Point of View of Developing Countries OKAMOTO Yumiko
Globalization and Educational Development: Dilemmas of the Education for All (EFA) OKADA Aya
The International Cooperation Law under Globalization: Cooperation for Peace Building SATO Yaunobu

from Local Perspectives
Japanese Management System and It's Transferability Cho Du-Sop
Nation, State and Ummat (Islamic Community) in the Age of Globalization NAKANISHI Hisae
'Formatting' of 'Ainu Culture' HIGASHIMURA Takeshi
Globalization and the Hegemony of English TSUDA Yukio

Section 2
Various Aspects of International Development Studies
Population Statistics as a Compromise between the Central Government and the Local Agrarian Society-The Case of West Java, Colonial Indonesia- OHASHI Atsuko
A Proposal of the Comparative Study of Vocabulary: Toward the Comparison and Understanding of Different Cultures TAJIMA Ikudo
The Development of International Student Policy in Japan in Connection with the Receiving of International Student at GSID during the Last Decade TADOKORO Makiko
Organization Learning for the Improvement of Accountability in NGO Mnagement NODA Masato
Looking at Development from Biological Perspective: A New Approach to Development Thinking NISHIMURA Yoshihiko
Globalization, Development and International Development Studies YASUDA Nobuyuki

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