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Forum of International Development Studies No.17(2001.03) Japanese
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Comparative Managerial Skills:A Study on Asian-styles of Management Based on Managers from Ten Different Area/Nations Mitsuru WAKABAYASHI
Ziguang CHEN
A Hypermedia Program for Learning Onomatopoeia Lo.Chiung-yu
SUGIURA Masatoshi
NGOs in the Social Development of China WANG Ming
HE Jianyu
Policy Design,Institutional Environment,and Rent-Seeking Cost:From the Viewpoint of Japanese Industrial Policy SONG Lei SONG Lei
Exploring the Results and Limits of Rural Industrialization of China in a Market Economy — Focusing on Enployment Absorption and Regional Allocation — ZHANG Hong
The Trade Effects of Foreign Direct Investment by Region of Origin : — A Panel Analysis of China's Case — Jian-Yu CHEN
The Welfare of Female Domestic Workers from Sri Lanka to Middle East: Their Lack of Security Mohamed Shariff ANEES
Transformation of Industrial Structure and Its Causes in the High-growth Period of China — A New Approach to Explain the Changes in Output Shares of Sectors — WANG Fei
A Study of Korean-Chinese ethnic identity LIU Jing Zai
The Localization and Reception of Japanese Comics in Taiwan HSIN JuI

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