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Forum of International Development Studies No.16(2000.09) Japanese
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The Law Reform Technical Cooperation for the Tranition Economies : A Case of Privatisation of the Power Sector In Kyrgystan — Analysis of the Legal Policy and Policy Recommendations — Yasunobu SATO
Analysis of Trade Complementarity under Globalization Tetsuo UMEMURA
Income Inquality among Sub-groups of Population at the Sectoral Level in Sri Lanka,1963-1997 : A Decomposition Analysis HETTIGE DON Karunaratne
The Politics of Foreign Investment Liberalization in Indonesia with Particular Reference to the Early 1990's Siti Daulah Khoriati Djaldan
The Afetermath of Ethnic Violence — Post War Reconstruction in the Southern Philippines : A Preliminary Assessement of the Role of the International Community Mario Joyo Aguja
International Trade, FDI and the Determinants of Technological Change and Long-term Growth under the Conditions of Macroeconomic Instability — A Case Study of Latin America during the Lost-Decade — Jean Claude AHWENG
A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis of the Economic Impact of Education HATASA Nobuyuki
Discrepancy between the Quality of Graduates and Industrial Needs : Education in Skilled Workers Schools in China Ding YAN
Decentralizing Educational Administration to Schools : A Case Study of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration SUGIYAMA Kazue

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