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Forum of International Development Studies No.15(2000.03) Japanese
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An Assessment of Japanese NGO Organaizational Capacity Lowell J.GRETEBECK
Poor Women's Participation in the Politics :Case of the Grameen Bank Menbers in Bangladesh HARAGUCHI Yoshio
The Initials Talk : The Hidden Order in Mukherjee's The Holder of the World KOIKE Rie
Patterns o Opposition in Natsume Soseki's Kokoro : A tentative approach to the structual interpretation of literary works Niculia NAE
An Pilot Study of Internationalization Process of the Korean Firms : Behavior Obtaining a Growth Option under the Structual Rigidity CHO,Du-Sop Yoon,Dongjin JUN,Yongwook
The formation and significance of "consensus" with regard to the Right to of Development ; an analysis of the prerequisite for the implementation of the Right to Development FUJITA Sanae
Primary School Reform in Rural Areas of Colombia : An Analysis of Factors Limiting Sustainability of the New School Program MIWA Chiaki
The formation of the early thoght of Nishimura Shigeki and its features : His views concerning education and military tactics WANG Xiaokui

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