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Forum of International Development Studies No.14(1999.11) Japanese
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A Simulation program developed for Government and Binding Theory — especially with regard to NP movement until it attains S-structure — HATTORI Ryoko
Logical Structure of the "domin-sei"(Characteristics of Hokkaido Residents) discourse HIGASHIMURA Takeshi
The "Sport for All" movement in developing countries : a case study of the Republic of Vanuatu KOBAYASHI Tsutomu
Japanese regulations for transboundary movement of wastes ; through the analysis of Chinese regulations for transboundary movement of wastes SAKURAI Jiro
Regional Disparity and Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in China SUN Lin and EZAKI Mitsuo
The Role of Civil Groups on the Course of Palestinan State-building TANAKA Kaori
From Hardware to Software Technical Cooperation : Traditional and New Approaches and Practices of JICA Technical Cooperation in the Health Sector in the Northeast Region of Brazil Rodrigo PIRES DE CAMPOS
An Overview of Grameen Bank Replications in the Philippines and Women Empowerment Mimosa CORTEZ-OCAMPO
Stabilization Policies in Sudan : An Econometric Analysis Atif S. ELAMIN
Job Statisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Motivation as Determenants of Oeientations toward Japanese Employment Practices among SME Employees in Japan Norihiko TAKEUCHI and Mitsuru WAKABAYASHI

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