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Forum of International Development Studies No.13(1999.07) Japanese
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Estimates of the Elasticties of Substitution between Imported and Domestically Produced Commodities in Indonesian Manufacturing Sectors Andin HADIYANTO
Between Father and Mother : The Meaning of the Plague in Mary Shelley's The LAST MAN HOSOKAWA Minae
Political Develop,ent in Thailand : Bureaucratic Polity V. S. Liberal Corporatism : With Particular Emphasis to the State-Business Relationship Suppakarn PONGYELAR
The Law on Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam The Principles, Problems and Prospects Tran Thi Le Thuy
Exploring the Economic Development of the Inland Region of China in a Market Economy ZHANG Hong
Japan's Offical Development Assistance(ODA) to the Least among Less Developed Countries (LLDC) —With Special Reference to Japan's Aid Programming Mechnism against the Aid Coordination System of Cambodia— HAMADA Tetsuro
Formation of Textbook Development Program through Coordination Assistance : A Case Study of Aid Coordination Program in Cambodia KATO Norio
The Image of Russina in "Ukrainan Proverbs" by M. Nomys KONDO Shunsuke
The Identity Formation of Biculture Children through Dual Enculturation Process SEKIGUCHI Tomoko
The Meaning of Stucying in Japan under the Look East Policy of Malaysia TACHIBORI Shoko

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