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Forum of International Development Studies No.12(1999.03) Japanese
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My Last Forty Years with Commercial Arbitration IWASAKI Kazuo
Particular Changes in Carriage of Good by Sea and Marine Insurance Michael Marks COHEN
Dispute Resolution in International Commerce : Reflections on Procedural Justice Judd EPSTEIN and Jeffrey WAINCYMER
New Zealand Law through the Internet : The Commonwealth Law Tradition and Socio-Legal Experimentaion Luke NOTTAGE
Some Reflections on Development and Democracy REN Xiao
Arbitrator's Power to Award Punitive Damages SAWAI Akira
Managerial Skills for Asian Managers : Comparisons Based on Managers in Japanese, Chinese and Filipino Corporations WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru and CHEN Ziguang
Microcredit from above
- Lessons of IDT (Instruction to Isolated Villages) in Indonesia
KIMURA Hirotsune
Managing Risk in Modern Payment Systems KUBOTA Takashi
The Asian-type Currency Crisis and Preventive Measures OSADA Hiroshi
A Plan for the Comparative Study of Vocabulary and the Outline
- To Compare Different Culture and To Understand It -
Logic in Verbal Communication: The Case of Thomas Wilson YAMADA Koshi
Disputes Resolution Mechanism of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission of Australia YASUDA Nobuyuki

Career and Works of Professor IWASAKI Kazuo

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