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Forum of International Development Studies No.11(1999.03) Japanese
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The Development of a Socialistic Market Economy and Environmental Issues of Township and Village Industries in China ARAYAMA Yuko
Aid Co-ordination between the European Union and Its Member States Roisin BOYLE
Regional Integration and Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN : Process of Chage in the Legal and Policy Environment Moustapha Kamal GUEYE
Specific Problems in Cross-Cultural Communication : A Case Study in Romanian and Japanese Translations Niculina NAE
Foreign Suspects/Defendants in Japan and Interpreters : Focusing of Written Statements Taken outside the Court through the Intermediation of an Interpreter Sílvia Noriko KANEYASU
The Manipulation of the New Year Pictures by Chinese Communist Woodcut Artists Calling for Resistance Before and After 'Mao's Talks at the Yan'an Conference on Literature and Art' KAWASE Chiharu
An Examination of Three Conditions Pointed Out by the Restatement of the Law Third, Torts : Products Liability Section 4 Comment e Through the Analysis of U.S. Cases
- The Effect of Compliance with Governmental Safety Standards in U.S. Products Liability Actions -
Creation of the Taiwanese Language by the Taiwan Government-General at the Beginning of the Japanese Colonial Era TOMITA Akira
The Foreign Direct Investment of Korean Firms : Growth Pattern and M & A Experience YOON Jong On

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