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Forum of International Development Studies No.10(1998.07) Japanese
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Growth Accounting of the Chinese Economy : 1981-1995 EZAKI Mitsuo and SUN Lin
Toward a Regional Acid Rain Monitoring Network in East Asia - Learning From the European Experience ICHIMURA Masakazu and KATO Hisakazu
Effects of Stabilization and Structural Adjustment on Education in Kenya : The Role of the State in Managing Economic Austerity OKADA Aya
CALL Material Authoring Environment for Language Instructors : Java-Based Authoring Tools (J-BAT) SUGIURA Masatoshi and KOMORI Saeko
On Japanese and Korean Onomatopoiea With Respect to the Reduplicative Forms LEE Eun-Ah
Income Inequality in Sri Lanka : A Disaggregated Analysis by Factor Incomes HETTIGE DON Karunaratne
Development of Japan-Malaysia Foreign Direct Investment and Intra-Industry Tarde LIN Pei-Yen
A New Development Aid Strategy of the United Nations and Its Problems at the Operational Level with a Special Reference to the Decentralization Process and the Reform of the Resident Representative System OHIRA Tsuyoshi
Regional Development in LDCs and Multinational Corporation - Based on Survey of 'Maquiladora' in Mexico - SUGIYAMA Etsuko
Technology transfer by Japanese MNCs : Focusing on the "spillover" effect on local companies in Taiwan TANAKA Hidenori
The Resurgence of Regional Integration in the Caribbean Basin WAKAMATSU Takashi

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