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Forum of International Development Studies No.09(1998.01) Japanese
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Educational Aid Policies : Directions and Challenges USHIOGI Morikazu
Germany and UNESCO's Activities in the Field of Education Klaus HÜFNER
Changes in Thailand Labour Force Structure and Government Policy Responses Sumalee PITAYANON
Universal Secondary Education in Thailand : Policies and Implementation Snanchit SUKONTASAP
The Prospects of Twelve Year Education in Thailand : A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima Province Phaisal LEKUTHAI
ODA and the Japanese University William K. CUMMINGS
Universal Secondary Education and Diversifying Educational and Occupational Opportunities in Roi-Et Province, Thailand. 1992-1996 WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru
Establishment of "Skills Development Fund" in ASEAN : Alternative Mechanisms for Financing Enterprise-Based Training HIROSATO Yasushi
Examinations on Historical Changes in Educational Policy Formulation of Key Middle Schools in China YUAN Zhenguo
Educational Opportunities, Income, and Social Classes in Mexico City : Analysis of the 1% Sample Data of 1990 Population Census YONEMURA Akio
Education Policy Formulation in Cambodia : Effect of International Assistance for Educational Development on Policy Formulation KATO Norio
Multiculturalism and the Law in Australia YASUDA Nobuyuki
Critical Studies and Debates on the Hegemony of English : Their Implications and Values TSUDA Yukio
Challenges for the Creation and Development among Asian Countries : A Tentative Theorizing Based on Surveys in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia CHO Du-Sop

Career and Works of Professor USHIOGI Morikazu

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