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Forum of International Development Studies No.08(1997.12) Japanese
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Rhetoric of 'Assimilation' in the Japanese Policy Toward the Ainu HIGASHIMURA Takeshi
The Factor Analysis of International Trade Using Gravity Model : Case of South Pacific Countries UMEMURA Tetsuo
An Evaluation of Policy Instruments in Reducing the Risk of Global Warming KINJO Morihiko
Role of Intermediary Organizations in Participatory Development Project TAKEDA Nobuhisa
A Study on Intercultural Adaptation of Japanese Volunteers Depending on Their Sojourning Countries and Cities TOKUYAMA Michiko
Technology Transfer and Absorptive Capacity Building in Developing Countries : Towards An Integrated Framework for Analysing Process AGOLA Nathaniel
Return on Capital Investment Technology and the Economic Growth Process Chichinda Muko MUBAGWA
Foreign Direct Investment as a Driving Force for Interdependence in East Asia SOMEYA Masakazu

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