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Forum of International Development Studies No.07(1997.06) Japanese
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Human Resource Development Problems and Policies with Reference to Private Higher Education in Indonesia : A Case of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Yahya MUHAIMIN and WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru
Dowry System and Its Impact on Socio Legal Situation of Bangladesh Rumana Nahid SUBHAN
ISO 9000 - A Step toward TQM ? : A Case Study on Two Indian Firms in Pune, India G. Indira RAO
Knowledge and "Ignorance" : Education for the South Pacific Islanders SEKINE Hisao
Regional Development Pole Theory and Economic Development Zones in China : Comparative Analysis by Case Study between China and Japan GU Linsheng
The Formation and Development of Global Logistics in East Asia Mariner WANG
The Changing Development Strategy of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) : with Reference to the Notion of "Sustainable Development" and the Role of the UNDP Prescribed in Agenda 21 OHIRA Tsuyoshi
The Life-style of Chinese White-collar During Economic Development : A Research in Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone WANG Guoxun
Structural Change of Employment and Interregional Income Transfer : A Case Study of U. S. NISHIYAMA Atsushi
Evolution of Industrial Structure and Infant Industry Protection Policy in Developing Countries : Input-Output Analysis of Malaysian Heavy Industries YAMADA Yoshiyuki
Reconsideraiotn of Confucian 'Theodizee' TAKAGI Hiroyoshi
The 73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India and the Local Government System : Focus on Gram Panchayats ASANO Noriyuki
Australia's Language Other Than English (LOTE) Education Policy : An Intercultural Perspective on Language Policy OKADO Hiroko
Japanese Aggression in China and the Manipulation of Chinese Folk Art 'New Year Pictures' : As Part of Chinese Registance and Japanese Indoctrination KAWASE Chiharu
NGO Evaluation and Accountability : The Chubu Region, Japan TAKAHASHI Ken

Development and Culture : Viewpoints from the Environment and Folklore
DEGUCHI Akiko, Kawabe no Kankyo Minzokugaku, Nagoya U.P., 1996

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