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Forum of International Development Studies No.06(1996.12) Japanese
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Special Issue: Health and Development in Asia
Preface to the Special Issue : Health and Development in Asia TAKAHASHI Kimiaki
Health and Development in Asia : Regional Priorities for a New Century Richard J. ESTES
The Millennial Migraine : Health Care of the Poor in the 21st Century Prem Chandran JOHN
Natural Sciences, Anthropology and Development : A Consideration of the Role of Anthropologists through Personal Experience with a Medical Research Project SAITO Hisahumi
The Bamako Initiative in the Nuwakot District, Nepal : The Effect of User Fees on Household Health Care Utilization and Expenditure SHIROISHI Yukihiro
Introduction to the History of Disease and Healing in Indonesia OKI Akira
Socio-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS on Households in Thailand Wattana S. JANJAROEN
The History of a Plague : A History of Tobacco Policy in Japan William JOHNSTON
On the Fundamental Puzzle of the History of Medicine KURIYAMA Shigehisa

Chinese Higher Education Reform from the "State Model" to the "Social Model" : Based on a Sino-Japan Comparative Perspective YUAN Zhenguo and WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru
Japan's ODA to Bangladesh : Lessons for Development Md. Qudrat-e-KHODA
Managerial Skill Formulation in Chinese State-Owned Corporations : Focusing on the Leader-Member Exchange Relation as a Facilitator for Skill Learning CHEN Ziguang
Chinese Women, Occupation and Social Transition : A Survey on Women's Present Employment Situation in Dalian WANG Guoxun
Vocational Training and Job Creation in the Philippines : Case Study of Cebu and Davao City IZAWA Naoya
The Legislators' Views on the "Normative Language" in the Literature for the Standardization of Korean in China : After the End of the "Great Cultural Revolution" UEDA Kozi
International Cooperation on Environmental Issues and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) HARASHIMA Yohei
Observations on the Effects of Satellite Television in Taiwan : A Case Study on Taipei and Pingtong CHOU Chaoliang
The Situation Analysis of NGO's Community Based School Construction Project : Kingdom of Cambodia SHIMIZU Kazuki
Development of Woman's Network Actitity in a Local City : A Case Study of Takaoka City SATO Naoe

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