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Forum of International Development Studies No.04(1996.02) Japanese
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Organization and Function of Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) of Australia YASUDA Nobuyuki
Japanese Business Enterprise and Its International Contribution SAKURAI Katsuhiko
The Adjustment Problems of International Student Spouses YOSHIOKA Michiko
External Determinants of Slow Growth : Sub-Saharan Africa in the 80s TANIGUCHI Yasuaki
'Sunao' and Nationalism : An Inquiry of its Hidden Ideology in Japanese Society MAEDA Naoko

Special Issue: Strategies for Development in Contemporary China
Cultural Problems of the Modernization in China : Through the Response to Huntington, "The Clash of Civilizations ?" SAKURAI Tatsuhiko
The Starting of Reconstruction of State Ownership Enterprise in China : Case Studies of Joint Venture Companies in China HAO Jian'an
The Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises : The Problem and a Future Perspective LI Yiwen
Comparative Research on the National New- and High-Tech Development Zones in China and Technopolis Development in Japan GU Linsheng
A Study on Changes of Industrial Allocation Strategies and Industrial Regional Distribution in China ZHUANG Zhiqiang
Infrastructure Investment in China during the High Growth Period WANG Ming

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