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Forum of International Development Studies No.03(1995.09) Japanese
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Observation over Establishment of UN ECOSOC Consultation System with NGOs UMAHASHI Norio
Before the Ainu People Restoration Movement : An Attempt to grasp the 'silent' period HIGASHIMURA Takeshi
The Process of Modernization / Internationalization and the Development of Foreign Language Education in Thailand SAWADA Minoru
Rural Development Management in the Eastern China TANIMURA Mitsuhiro
Suzhou Regional Development for the 1990's in China : An Analysis on the Impact from Development of Shanghai Pudong and Yangtze River Area GU Linsheng
Overseas South Asians and Indians : Research Topics and Trends SHIGEMATSU Shinji
Japan's Foreign Policy toward the Arab World in the 1990's : The Post Cold War Era, Gulf Crisis, and Peace Process Sa'ad ABUDAYEH
Entrepreneurship Hatching : Socioeconomic Contingencies in Japan and Zaire Mbuli BOLIKO
Role of Education and Development in Bangladesh Naseer Uddin JAMADAR
On the Women's Fertility in China : Focusing on some of its factors and problems WANG Wuyun

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