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Forum of International Development Studies No.02(1995.03) Japanese
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Memorial Lecture
International Development: For Whom, and How? - A Paradigmatic Investigation NAGAMINE Haruo

Institutional Development at the Grassroots for Poverty Alleviation Shoaib Sultan KHAN
An Aproach to Sustainable Development in the Case of a Small City : Behrampur, India Bijayanand MISRA
Sustainable Development Through Participatory Processes : A Case Study from India Prem N. SHARMA
Paradigmatic Review on Women and Third World Development : Feminist Perspectives on Sustainable Development TANIGUCHI Yoshiko
Provincial Cities Management : A Case in Thailand YABUTA Jinichiro
Economic Development and Urbanization : A Case Study of Three Industrial Cities ADACHI Fumihiko
Universalization Policy of Lower Secondary School in Thailand USHIOGI Morikazu
Philippine Economic Development and Project CALABARZON EZAKI Mitsuo
The Transformation of Indonesian Industrial Structure : 1971-90 OSADA Hiroshi
An Approach to Integrated Area Development Debate KIMURA Hirotsune
A Consideration on the Leading Principles on Modern Business SAKURAI Katsuhiko
Research Trends of International Migration Studies, from Viewpoints of South Asian Migrants Studies SHIGEMATSU Shinji
A Proposal for the Comparative Study of Vocabulary TAJIMA Ikudo
Roi-Et Revisited : A Follow-up Study on the Implementation Process of Thai Educational Development Program in the Rural Thai Region WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru

Career and Works of Professor NAGAMINE Haruo

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