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Forum of International Development Studies No.01(1994.03) Japanese
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Memorial Lecture
A Researcher's Career in Retrospect OGAWA Eiji

Internationalization and Management Transfer KISHIDA Tamiki
Transfer of Environmental Technology : Transfer Technology and the Roles of Non-Profit Institutions YOSHIDA Takeshi
Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer : The Case of Japanese Small and Medium-Sized Firms Investing in Thailand ADACHI Fumihiko
Pursuing the Excellence of Global Education as a Unique Curriculum Development in Japan ASANUMA Shigeru
Market and Government Intervention : A CGE Analysis of Japanese Industrial Policy EZAKI Mitsuo
The Limit of ODA and the Possibility of NGO : For the Study of NGO Activities in the Philippines KIMURA Hirotsune
Computer Program for Linguistic Access to Databases of Natural Languages MATSUMURA Yasuhisa
Economic Development Policy under Resource Boom : A Dutch Disease Reconsidered OSADA Hiroshi
New Media and Politics : An Analysis of the Campaign Videos of a Regional Political Party in India Gopalan RAVINDRAN
On the International Symbiosis of Japan Business SAKURAI Katsuhiko
Socio-Natural Ecological System and Development in India : From the Fieldnote on a South Indian Village SHIGEMATSU Shinji
A Basic Study in Understanding the Multi-Cultures : From the Method of Classifying Vocabulary TAJIMA Ikudo
The Myth and Ideology of Advertisements of English-language Schools : A Semiotic Interpretation TSUDA Yukio
Japanese Graduate Education and its Problems USHIOGI Morikazu
Implementation of the National Educational Policy on the Extension of Basic Education in Rural Thai : A Survey in the Northeast Thai Province WAKABAYASHI Mitsuru
SNANCHIT Sukontasap
International Transfer of the Japanese Lean Production System YAMADA Motonari
A Note on Law and Development Study YASUDA Nobuyuki

Prof. OGAWA's Works and Career

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