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There are many unexplored areas in International Development. Have you ever wished to explore the frontiers of Economic Development? If so, pack your bag and reserve your place in the front line of the Otsubo expedition. Make a two-year reservation for a Master's rank, a three-year reservation for a Ph.D.

Otsubo's expedition party--with its members gathered from many parts of the world--is making strenuous efforts in search of sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Third World.

We are looking for a few good men and women explorers who wish to join us !!

最近、日本人の学生の応募がめっきり少なくなりました。 人類の課題である貧困削減のために、国際開発・協力の研究者・実務家を目指しませんか!! 大坪ゼミ卒業生は、国際色豊かな企業やシンクタンク等でも大活躍しています!!
Send a message if you are interested!! 連絡下さい! ゼミも公開しています!

-------------- Prof. Shigeru Thomas OTSUBO

In year 2010, I gave birth to Academic/Research Exchange Agreements with:

1) the Centre for Bhutan Studies, Bhutan (Aug. 2010) and
2) the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ghana, Ghana (Nov. 2010) .

We will be furhter extending our acadeic network throughout the World.

Visit Bhutan/Ghana sections of

We won the 2010 Japan Society for International Development (JASID) Special Award (2010国際開発学会賞特別賞) for the publication of Introduction to International Development Studies 「国際開発学入門」!!


Introduction to 
International Development Studies: 
An Interdisciplinary Approach to 
Development Studies

is published !!


Members 2009-2010
(to be updated for 2010-2011)

In April 2011, Otsubo Seminar moves into the 15th year here at GSID, Nagoya University.
The number of our alumni members is now over 65.


Leading Issues in Development
with Globalization

is published !!

(February 2009)

Commencement, Spring 2010

Wawan (`Ph.D.), Sokyeng (MA), Gaurav (MA), Mandar (MA, not pictured)

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Commencement, Spring 2009

Said (MA), ZhaoLing (MA), Lucas (Ph.D.), Lifi (Ph.D.),
Prof. Otsubo, Roni (Ph.D), Felippe (MA)

Commencement, Spring 2008

Sovannak (MA), Yuki (MA), Keiji (MA), Penghuy (ABD)i
Tatiana (Ph.D.), Prof. Otsubo, Cui Da (MA), Izumi (MA)

Nagoya University Otsubo Seminar

Calender 2008-2009

is now ready to be downloaded!!

Commencement, Spring 2007

Erika (MA), Akihiro (MA), Prof. Otsubo, Farah (Ph.D), Chen Lin (MA)

Nagoya University Otsubo Seminar

Calender 2007-2008

is now ready to be downloaded!!


Prof. Otsubo task managed GSID's Academic Program Reform
and designed
International Development.& Cooperation Course.

Starting in the academic year of 2006, GSID will use this new Curriculum and will confer MA and Ph.D. in International Development.

I, Prof. Otsubo, task managed and designed GSID's new academic programs during the academic years of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. Starting in April 2006, we use this brand-new academic schemes. International Development & Cooperation Course consists of 6 Professional Programs (Economic Development Policy & Management, Rural and Regional Development, Educational and Human Resource Development, Governance and Law, Peacebuilding, Social Development and Culture). A Student should select one program as his/her Major. Students can also designate other programs as Minor field. Upon satisfaction of degree/program requirements, GSID will confer MA or Ph.D. in International Development (国際開発学修士、国際開発学博士) AND Certificates for Major and Minor Fields.

Members of Otsubo seminar should designate Economic Development Policy & Management (EDP&M) Program as their Major. Members are then encouraged to obtain at least one Minor Certificate for one of the other 5 programs.

Visit "Registration Guide: Grand Design for International Development & Cooperation Course" corner of GSID's homepage for the grand design of our educational program.

Visit "Registration Guide: Economic Development Policy & Management Program" corner of this homepage for selecting courses.

These 'Registration Guides' are available both in English and Japanese.

For registration of courses under this new scheme, you should consult well with me in advance in order for you to make the most of this new academic scheme.

GSID Development Consulting Group


Prof. Otsubo established a Development Consulting Group "Development Frontiers" in GSID.

Fostering the sound development of communities, regions, and countries in developing countries is a pressing task and Japan should take a leading role in achieving this goal. The Graduate School of International Development (GSID)'s mission is to contribute to this task by providing advanced academic research, human resources, and consulting services for both domestic and international/overseas development communities.

With a comprehensive reform among National University System in Japan that took place in April 2004 (national universities are now incorporated), GSID took an initiative of institutionalizing our involvement in development cooperation by establishing a development consulting group "Development Frontiers".

"Development Frontiers" is a development consulting group composed of the faculty members of GSID with various development expertise ranging from economic development, rural/regional/community development, and educational development to gender & development. (Member List)

Members of the "Development Frontiers" are making strenuous efforts in search of sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Developing World.

'Development Frontiers' Founder and Representative, Prof. Shigeru T. Otsubo

OFW Report 2002
"Thai Local Wisdom and Japanese Experience in Community Development" is out!

From our seminar, Farah, Fan, Makiko, Hiroki and Mayu participated in this OFW in Khon Kaen, Thailand as student members. Nalirta and Waranya joined as student advisors.

For your copy, contact R.A. Ms. Miwa.

Prof. Otsubo at BAPPENAS I spent one year as an economic advisor for the National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia (BAPPENAS) in Jakarta, Indonesia during 2000-2001. With the Asian financial crisis, Indonesia has been transforming herself into a democratic and market-oriented society.
The millennium issue of the African Development Report (African Development Bank) is out from the Oxford U. Press (ISBN 0-19-829714-9). The main theme is 'Regional Integration and CBIs in Africa'. I provided a main input as a consultant to the chief economist of the AfDB.

African Development Report 2000
Leading Issues Japanese Version Leading Issues in Economic Development (by G.M.Meier) is now translated into Japanese. Papers on Development Principles, External Finance and Development, Trade and Development, and the Role of Government and Market in Development are included with some new additions.
(ISBN 4-326-50170-7)
Prof. Meier gave us a memorial lecture at GSID.
I joined the GSID-JICA Nepal Evaluation Project together with other members of our Seminar.

For further details, click the picture to visit the Project's Home Page.

Nepal Mountains
GSID Karate-Do Club !!

GSID Karate-Do Club is closed for now.

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