Useful Websites on Chiang Mai
for OFW2008 WGs

(Compiled by Prof. Phaisal)

For All WGs: General Inforamtion 
BOI Industrial Zone Why Invest in Thailand.  General knowledge about Chiangmai  General knowledge about Chiangmai
Chiangmai City Municipality:
Mayor: Capt. Deuntemduang Na Chiengmai (Ph.D.) Chiangmai History Chiangmai History & Location Chiangmai Map
All about Chiangmai in 8 languages:German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portugese.
District (Amphoe) Information Search Chiangmai History, Culture, Tourist Sites, Chiangmai Interactive Map Chiangmai Map
Chiangmai Problems and Recommendations.
Thailand Gender Institute, Family Planning,
History of Lanna Kingdom Chiangmai History Chiangmai History & Lanna Kingdom
Home Stay in Thailand and Chiangmai
ADB Report on Thailand, Facts & Figures 2007. Baan Tawai Arts & Crafts, Products,
Sustainable Economic Development through Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. 
IHSN International Household Survey Network, All Countries including Thailand.
Southeast Asia Digital Library, Northern Illinois University Report, Thai Dialect, Lanna Dialect in Northern Thailand. Brief History of Lanna until present Lanna Alphabets Long stay, Hill tribes, Festival, Video Clips*** Lanna History, Language, Architect, Food, Dress, Lanna Music, Ancient Music, Learn Thai the easy way.
Chiangmai Video Clips: Traditional Hotel, Elephant Riding, Songkran Festival, Hill Tribe Village, Chiangmai Moat, Waterfall, Rafting, Golden Triangle, Spa, Night Bazaar, Nightclub, Monks Praying, Teacher Day, Thai Boxing.*** Chiangmai Art, Architecture, Dance, Misic. Massage, Oil Massage, Foot Massage. Thai Spa Certificate, Thai Massage Courses,
ADB Report: Thailand Partnership Strategy.
Community Environmental Management. Songkran Festival, Loy Krathong Thailand Map by Provinces History of Lanna Lanna Architecture. Weir, Check Dam, in Chiangmai
Urban Development Institute Foundation, Kunming, Yunnan, Environment. All about Chiangmai

For WG1: Economic Development 
for 2007
Thailand Board of Investment
Handicraft, wood carving, 
BOI Industrial Zone
Baan Tawai Arts & Crafts, Products & Services.
Sustainable Economic Development through Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.
Legal issues for foreign Investors.
Legal issues for foreign Investors: Labor Issues
Northern Handicraft Manufacturers and Exporters Association (In Thai)
Umbrella Production
Silk Production

For WG2: Education/HR Development Umbrella Production

For WG3: Minority in Development

For WG4: Tourism Development
Handicraft, wood carving,
Chiangmai Tourism Research Websites
Chiangmai History, Culture, Tourist Sites,
Home Stay in Chiangmai
Ministry of Tourism and Sport
Umbrella Production
Silk Production
Tourism Promotion
Songkran Festival

Last update: 2008.5.10