Links to Other Sources of Information

Online Newspapers, Periodicals, and Other News

1 Finance & Development (IMF/World Bank)
2 CNN Interactive (USA)
3 CNN Financial Network (USA)
4 Nikkei Net Interactive (Japan)
5 Wall Street Journal (USA)
6 Washington Post (USA)
7 Financial Times (UK)
8 The Economist (UK)
9 Reuters (UK)
10 Yahoo! Finance (Japan, with Links to Other Cos.)
11 QUICK Financial (Japan)
12 Bloonberg (UK)
13 Bloonberg Japan (Japan)

Book Search

1 Nagoya University OPAC (in Japanese)
2 Nagoya University OPAC (in English)
3 OPAC List (Other Universities)
4 NACSIS-Gakujo (in Japanese)
5 NACSIS-Gakujo (in English)
6 National Diet Library
7 (Bookstore on Internet)
8 Japan
9 Honya Town (in Japanese)
10 Maruzen (in Japanese)
11 Sanseido (in Japanese)
12 Kinokuniya (in Japanese)
13 Library, GSID, Nagoya University (in Japanese)

Job Opportunities


International Civil Service Commission (ICSC)

UN Orgs. Vacancy Announcements

2 AEA Job Openings for Economists (JOE)
3 Japan Research Career Information Network (JRECIN)
4 Ministry of Foreign Affairs UN Recruitment Roster
5 ELDIS Development-Related Job Information
6 Recruit (Japan)
7 Career Mosaic (Japan)

Traveling Japan ?

1 JR Cyber Station (in Japanese)
2 Yahoo Travel (in Japanese)
3 Yahoo Maps (in Japanese)
4 MapFanWeb (in Japanese)
5 Public Transportation -- Eki-spert (in Japanese)
6 Japan Hotel System (in Japanese)
7 Hotel Search (in Japanese)

Traveling Abroad ?

1 Airlines & Aviation Links (in English)
2 Travel Now Japan -- Hotel Reservations (in Japanese)
3 Yahoo Travel (in Japanese)
4 JICA Country Information (in Japanese)
5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Information (in Japanese)
6 City Net (in English)
7 TravNet (in English)
8 Chikyu no Aruki Kata (in Japanese)
9 Foreign Embassy Locater (in Japanese)

Other Information Links

1 APEC Study Center, GSID, Nagoya University
2 NTT Internet Townpage (in Japanese)
3 NTT Internet Townpage (in English)
4 NTT Hello Dial (in Japanese)
5 You Net -- Postal Service Information Network (in Japanese)
6 You Net -- Postal Service Information Network (in English)
7 Kaigai Kosodate Net (in Japanese)

Internet Gateways

1 Yahoo!
1 Yahoo! Japan (in Japanese)
3 Infoseek Japan (in Japanese)
4 Alta Vista
5 Goo (in Japanese)
6 ISIZE (in Japanese)
6 NTT Directory
6 NTT Directory (in Japanese)
6 Excite Japan (in Japanese)
6 Links to Search Engines (in Japanese)


Last update: 2003.4.15