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Seminar Bulletin Board

(April 2007)

Instructor:   Prof. Shigeru Thomas OTSUBO

Seminar Meetings: Tuesdays 2:45 - 6:00 p.m. (max.) at No. 9 Seminar Room (7th floor GSID)
Office Hour: Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. or by appointment (through EMs)

Seminar Coordinator: @Penghuy

Our seminar is conducted in English.

Course Description

Frontiers of development studies will be explored. Otsubo Seminar generally deals with the existing and emerging development management/governance issues under globalization and the market-oriented development process. Our recent research agenda includes International Trade and Development (incl. strategic trade liberalization and FTA/CEP strategies), External Finance of Development (incl. capital flow management and FDI induction strategies), Macroeconomic Management under Globalization (incl. exchange rate regimes and monetary policy rules, and debt sustainability and fiscal management), Investment/Industrial Promotion, Structural Reforms and Institution Building, ICT and Development, Roles of Government in Market-Oriented Development Strategies, Public Sector Management, Global Governance (incl. WTO, IMF, WB), Globalization and Income/Spatial Inequality, and so forth. Each participant is expected to conduct research in his/her chosen field, make periodic presentations, and prepare academic papers and a degree thesis.

M1 students should attend Introduction to International Development (I2ID), Development Economics, Development Macroeconomics, Development Microeconomics, and Development Statistics in the first semester, and Japanese Development Experience (JADE) and Development Management under Globalization in the second semester.@ In addition, the Economic Development Policy & Management iEDP&MjGroup of DID plans to host group-wide seminar meetings from time to time.

In Seminar I (mainly for M1s), we follow textbooks and reading materials used in Development Economics and Development Management under Globalization (International Economics). Seminar II (mainly for M2s and Ds) consists of research presentations by participating members.

Those who do not have any field experiece should make every effort to participate in the Overseas Field Work (OFW) and/or in the Domestic Field Work (DFW).

On GSID's New Academic Program

I, Prof. Otsubo, task managed and designed GSID's new academic programs during the academic years of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. Starting in April 2006, we use this brand-new academic schemes. International Development & Cooperation Course consists of 6 Professional Programs (Economic Development Policy & Management, Rural and Regional Development, Educational and Human Resource Development, Governance and Law, Peacebuilding, Social Development and Culture). A Student should select one program as his/her Major. Students can also designate other programs as Minor field. Upon satisfaction of degree/program requirements, GSID will confer MA or Ph.D. in International Development i‘ΫŠJ”­ŠwCŽmA‘ΫŠJ”­Šw”ŽŽmj AND Certificates for Major and Minor Fields.

Members of Otsubo seminar should designate Economic Development Policy & Management (EDP&M) Program as their Major. Members are then encouraged to obtain at least one Minor Certificate for one of the other 5 programs.

Visit "Registration Guide: Grand Design for International Development & Cooperation Course " corner of GSID's homepage for the grand design of our educational program.@

Visit "Registration Guide: Economic Development Policy & Management Program" corner of this homepage for selecting courses.

These 'Registration Guides' are available both in English and Japanese.

For registration of courses under this new scheme, you should consult well with me in advance in order for you to make the most of this new academic scheme.

Seminar Bulletin Board

For recommended readings on Economic Development, Globalization, and Development Governance, refer to the

Syllabus for Development Economics
Syllabus for Globalization and Development

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Commencement, Spring 2007


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