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Erika (MA), Akihiro (MA), Prof. Otsubo, Farah (Ph.D), Chen Lin (MA)

Commencement, Spring 2008

To members of Otsubo's Seminar:

Welcome and Welcome back to Otsubo Seminar !

We produced 1 Ph.D. and 3 MAs in the Spring of 2007. We plan to produce 3 Ph.Ds and 5 MAs in the Spring of 2008. This year, I would like the participants of the seminar continue to organize our activities as much as possible.

Ph.D. students should plan to supervise M1 sessions. Teaching is the best way to learn. We will read original papers of economic development theories/concepts, this year.

Date of Entry

2nd. Semester


Textbook for our Reading/Discussion Sessions in the 2nd Semester.

ED: Michael P. Todaro, Stephen C. Smith, Economic Development, 9th edition, Addison Wesley, 2005. [Textbook for Development Economics]
**Chapter 12: Trade Theory and Development Experience,
**Chapter 13: The Trade Policy Debate: Export Promotion, Import Substitution, and Economic Integration
**Chapter 14: Balance of Payments, Developing-Country Debt, and the Macroeconomic Stabilization Controversy
**Chapter 15: Foreign Finance, Investment, and Aid: Controversies and Opportunitites
**Chapter 17: Some Critical Issues for the Twenty-First Centrury

WTP: Richard E. Caves, Jeffrey A. Frank el, and Ronald W. Jones, World Trade and Payments: An Introduction, 10th Ed., Addison-Wesley, 2007. [Textbook for International Economics]
Read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 15, and 16 (required), and *then proceed to Chapters 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, 20, and 21 (recommended).

**October 2**
Organizational Meeting & Individual Consultations

**October 9**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

WTP Ch.2: main text -- Zhao Lin (M1)
WTP Ch.2: Appendices --
Sethykun (M1)

(Research Session)

**October 16**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

WTP Ch.3 -- Felippe (M1)

(Research Session)
Lifi (D2) in revising the Debt Burden paper.

**October 23**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

ED Ch. 12: Trade Theory and Development Experience -- Zhao Lin (M1)
(Reference: parts of WTP Chs. 4-6)

(Research Session)
D3 Presentation Rehearsal: Penghuy & Tatiana

*October 30*
No Seminar due to
D3 Presentations (29-30)
Penghuy & Tatiana

**November 6**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

WTP Ch.15, ED Ch. 14 pp.666-673 -- Savonnak

(Research Session)
Eric (RS-Ph.D) on Impacts of Access to Formal Financing.
Felippe (M1) on Unemployment and Inflation.

**November 13**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

WTP Ch. 10 -- ???
WTP Ch. 11 -- Zamroni (D2)

(Research Session)
D2 Presentation Rehearsal: Lifi

**November 20**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

ED Ch. 13 --- Said (M1)

(Research Session)
D2 Presentation Rehearsals: Lucas & Roni

*November 27*
No Seminar due to
D2 Presentations (26-27)
Lifi, Lucas, and Roni

**December 4**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

WTP Ch. 16 -- Said (M1)

(Research Session)
Keiji (M2) on Resource Curse on Cambodia?

**December 11**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

ED Ch. 14 pp. 673-705 -- ???
ED Ch. 15 -- Eric (RS-Ph.D)

(Research Session)
Roni (D2) on Trade Arrangements and Development.

**December 18**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

ED Ch. 15 --- ??? (continued)
WTP Ch. 24 -- ???

(Research Session)
Yuki (M2) on Revitalization of City Centers.

December 20: Ph.D Theses Due
Penghuy & Tatiana

**January 15**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

No R&D session.
(Research Session)
Ph.D Oral Defense Rehearsals: Penghuy & Tatiana

January 16: MA Theses Due
Cui Da, Izumi, Keiji, Sovannak, and Yuki

**January 22**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

No R&D session.
(Research Session)
MA Oral Defense Rehearsals: Cui Da, Keiji, and Sovannak

**January 29**
(Reading/Discussion Session)

No R&D session.
(Research Session)
MA Oral Defense Rehearsals: Izumi & Yuki
D1 Presentation Rehearsal: Wawan (D1)
Eric to present research proposal for the entrance exam.)

February 7: MA Degree Oral Defense
Cui Da, Izumi, Keiji, Sovannak, and Yuki

February 4-26 Ph.D Degree Oral Defense
Penghuy & Tatiana

February 13-14: Ph.D Course Entrance Exam

February 18-19: D1 Presentation

October 1 There will be an Organizational Meeting on October 2 (2:45-3:45 pm.) at No.9 Seminar Room (7th fl.).
1st. Semester

April 10:
Organizational Meeting

April 17:
(Reading/Discussion Session)

Tuida(M2) and M1 students on
Amartya Sen, "Poverty as Capability Deprivation."

(Research Session)
Penghuy (D3) on "FDI and Governance: Corss-country study for middle-income and low-income groups"

April 24:
(Reading/Discussion Session)

(Research Session)
Tatiana (D3) on "Knowledge Economy and Agglomeration Economy for the Economic Growth of OECD Countries and India."

May 8:
(Reading/Discussion Session)

Felippe (M1) on ED Ch. 5: Poverty, Inequality, and Development

(Research Session)
Sovannak (M2) Research Proposal

May 15:
(Reading/Discussion Session)

Zhao Ling (M1) on ED Ch.1: Economics, Institution, and Development

(Research Session)
Lifi (D2) on "Debt Sustainability."

May 22:
(Reading/Discussion Session)

Said (M1) on ED Ch.2: Comparative Development

(Research Session)
Roni (D2) on "Regional Trade Arrangements."

April 6 I strongly recommend that Otsubo seminar members attend the selected sessions of the following WB TV lecture series. This is the one that I negotiated with the World Bank last year.


World Bank: Global Issues Seminar Series-Spring 2007 (non-credit seminars)

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that the GSID will tentatively join a series of
TV lectures titled "Global Issues Seminar Series-Spring 2007" offered by the
World Bank.This is not a normal subject of GSID (no credits), and the
lectures try to cover various development-related issues comprehensively.
Everybody who is interested will be welcome.

Instructions for the participation procedure will be announced through
e-mail to you from the coordinators on April 10. Please pay attention to the
e-mail and take action after you read the mail.
Thank you for your attention.

Junko Yamashita
Chair, Committee for Education and Student Affairs, GSID

<Some more information on the seminar>
Coordinators (World Bank): Vinay Bhargava, Asli Gurkan, Melissa Nitsch
Coordinators (GSID): Hiroshi Osada, Takeshi Higashimaura
Venue: Meeting Room No.1 (8th floor)
Schedule and Time: Each Thursday (excluding May 3) from 9:00-11:00.
Seminar Titles
       | 1        | April 5       | Introduction              |
       | 2        | April 12      |Trade                    |
       | 3        | April 19      |Poverty and Inequality      |
       | 4        | April 26      | Development Aid          |
       | 5        | May 10       | Conflict and Development   |
       | 6        | May 17       |Education                 |
       | 7        | May 24       | Energy and Climate Change  |
       | 8        | May 31       |Communicable Diseases     |
       | 9        | June 7        | Corruption and Governance  |
       | 10       | June 14       | UN and IFIs               |
       | 11       |June 21        |Discussion on the World Bank|

Website:  www.worldbank.org/globalseries

April 5 This is the Nagoya University Otsubo Seminar Calender !!
Erika (MA Class of 2007) created this for us.
April 5

iFor Window Shoppers)
For the first couple of seminar sessions, say, for the month of April, Otsubo seminar will be open to anybody who may be interested in our seminar (window shoppers). After that, only those with my prior approval (either as a main advisor or sub-advisor) will be allowed to attend Otsubo seminars.

First Meeting of Otsubo's Seminar in the academic year of 2007-2008 will be on April 10

On the 10th of April (Tuesday), we will have an organizational meeting for the new academic year.

Time: 2:45 p.m. -
Location: No. 9 Seminar Room (7th floor, GSID bldg.)

I plan to take seminar and member pictures on April 10 or 18.