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To members of Otsubo's Seminar:

Welcome and Welcome back to Otsubo Seminar !

We produced 2 Ph.D.s and 3 MAs in the Spring of 2004. This year, I would like the participants of the seminar to organize our activities as much as possible. (April 2004)

Date of Entry

January 24 Farah !!

D1 presentations will be scheduled for February 21-22.

Inform me of your intention. Are you ready and will be presenting D1 during

this period? Or should it be postponed to some future date. In the next

academic year?

We are at the final stage of adjusting professors' schedules.

Your reported mail address refuses to receive E-mails. Inform me of you current/active EM address so that we can communicate in a more timely manner.

Prof. Otsubo

January 4,

January 11

A Happy New Year !!


[Seminar Schedule in January 2005]

Jan. 11:
1) Organizational Meeting
2) Individual Consultations

Jan. 18:
1) Judit on MA Thesis

Jan. 25:
1) Meng Ke on MA Thesis
2) Natalia on MA Thesis

Fara (D1) should present your research progress/proposals in January and prepare for the D1 presentation. Reserve your presentation slot by getting in touch with me A.S.A.P.

Feb. 1: MA Oral Defense Presentations
1) Tolkun
2) Kenichi
3) Penghuy
4) Leakhena
30 minutes each.


[Important Dates in January-March 2005]

Jan. 7: Ph.D. Thesis Preliminary Evaluation Mtg. (for Masa)

Jan. 17: Due Date for MA Theses (Tolkun, Penghuy, Leakhena, Kenichi)

Feb. 4: MA Oral Defense (Tolkun, Penghuy, Leakhena, Kenichi)

Feb. 9-22: Ph.D. Oral Defense (Masa)

Feb. 14-15: Ph.D. Program Entrance Exam (for those who wishes to enter our Ph.D. program)

Feb. 21-22: D1 Presentation (Fara, Musa)
Date(s) for D1 Presentation can be re-arranged.

Mar. 2: Faculty Mtg. w/ Voting for Ph.D.s (for Masa)

Mar. 25: Commencement


December 14 MA candidates should file your Application Form for Master's Thesis with GSID office, after obtaining my stamp the form.

I have not yet seen Tolkun's form !?.

Masa: Due for your Ph.D. thesis will be the 20th of December. I need to see your final draft A.S.A.P.!!

December 13
Near-Term Seminar Schedule

Nov. 9:
1) Noot on Days in Manila (ADB Internship and Research Results)

Nov. 16:
1) Noot on D2 Presentation
2) Wang Ping on MA research proposal

Nov. 30:
1) Fara (D1) on research progress

Dec. 7:
No Seminar

Dec. 14:
1) Lucas on MA thesis proposal
2) Kenichi on MA thesis chapters

Dec. 21:
1) Shungo on MA thesis proposal

Otsubo seminar will produce 3 Ph.D. theses and 4 MA theses during this academic year.

October 18 M1 participants of Otsubo seminar are required to attend 2 lectures that I teach (as specified in the student bulletin): Globalization and Development, and Governance and Development. These lectures are where I communicate with new seminar members in order to present what I think the minimum common set of knowledge for Otsubo seminar members. You must have a good reason (that we can agree on) if you are not attending these courses.

October 18 Ph.D. Program Presentations for 2004-2005

D3 Presentations: October 28-29, 2004

October 28 (Thursday) 15:30-16:30
Masafumi Nakagami
.....(Profs. Otsubo, Ezaki, Arayama (Econ.Dep.))

October 29 (Friday) 16:30-17:30
Rozsnyoi Hedvig
.....(Profs. Otsubo, Osada, Shinkai)

D2 Presentations: December 25-26, 2004

December 26 (Friday) 14:00-15:00
Nalitra Thaprasert
.....(Profs. Otsubo, Ezaki, Osada)

D1 Presentations: February 21-22, 2005

Exact date&time TBA
Farkhanda Shamim
.....(Profs. Otsubo, Ezaki, Shinkai)

Mabandhla Kenny Musa (dates flexible)
.....(Profs. Otsubo, Ezaki, Shinkai)

October 12

October 18

Near-Term Seminar Schedule

1) Masa on D3 Presentation
2) Hedi on D3 Presentation

1) Tolkun on MA thesis
2) Kinichi on MA thesis (a short presentation)

Nov. 2:
1) Penghuy on MA thesis
2) Leakhena on MA thesis (to be confirmed)

Nov. 9:
1) Noot on Days in Manila (ADB Internship and Research Results)

Nov. 16:
1) Noot on D2 Presentation
2) Wang Ping on MA research proposal

Nov. 30:
1) Fara (D1) on research progress

Dec. 7:
1) Kenichi on MA thesis (a full presentation on the analyses)

Dec. 14, Dec. 21:

1) M1 Presentations
2) D1, D2 Presentations
3) M2, D3 follow-up presentations

Otsubo seminar will produce 3 Ph.D. theses and 4 MA theses during this academic year.

September 29 Dear Otsubo Seminar Members !!

I hope you enjoyed this summer recess, and have made some progress in your research agenda.

We will have the first seminar meeting of the 2nd semester on October 12, with the return of M1s from Philippines OFW.

Those who plan to complete Ph.D. theses (Masa and Hedi) and M.A. theses (Tolkun, Penghuy, Leakhena, Kenichi) should start presenting your research progress. D3 presentations will be held during October 28-29.

Consultation Hour at the start of the 2nd Semester:
October 5, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Prof. Otsubo

July 20 Folks!

As I will not come to our seminar this afternoon, I would like to call it off.

Hedi, seminar coordinator. We could have another seminar either on this Thursday afternoon or next Tuesday. Please go ahead and arrange one if necessary.

For those who need consultations with me, set up appointments. I will also be available today between 1 and 2:30 p.m.


Prof. Otsubo

July 15 Hiroki will be back in our seminar in October.

Mitsuru, Judy, and Shungo have some problems in your e-mail accounts. Seminar mails were bounced back from your accounts. Look into it and report to me either you have to register a new address or not.

Hedy, where is our seminar coordinator?

July 5 Mr. Hiroki TAGUCHI (田口裕樹)(M2) and Ms. Nami SHIBATA (柴田名美)(D2) should report to the GSID administrative office wirh regard to you On-Leave status. The due date for decision (of extension) will be the 13th of August.

田口君、柴田さん、GSID事務からの休学期間の問い合わせに未だ、貴君等の返答が寄せられていないとの事です。 8月13日までに後期の扱いをどうするか申し出る必要があります。 連絡ください。

Anybody who know their current contacts should kindly get in touch with them on this matter.

Prof. Otsubo

June 9

June 29

Scheduled Research Presenters

June 1

Shungo Kobayashi (M1)

June 8

Chea Leakhena (M2)
Meng Ke (M1)

June 15

Tolkunbek Abdygulov (M2)

June 22

Nalitra Thailprasert (D2)

June 29

Mitsuru Aotsu (D2)

July 6

Mabandhla Kenny Musa (D1)

May 28 For next seminar meeting on Tuesday, June 4. I will be available only from 3 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. with a possibility of slight delay for the starting time of 3 p.m. As such, seminar should meet at 3 p.m. instead of 2:45 p.m. and we should accommodate only ONE presenter for that day.

Hedi, coordinate the speakers for the following weeks accordingly.

We also plan to take Seminar Picutres !

May 11 Scheduled Research Presenters

May 11

Negov Penghuy (M2)
Lucas Vall (M1)

May 18

Kenichi Victor (M2)
Judit Bognar (M1)

April 20 You are invited to:

Open Seminar [公開研究会] on Peace Building [平和構築]

>Date and Time: Friday, April 23 15:00-17:00

>Venue: GSID No.1 Conference Room (8th floor)

>Speaker: Prof. Shigeru T. Otsubo

> 日時: 4月23日(金) 15:00−17:00

> 場所: GSID 8F 第1会議室

> 報告者: 大坪滋教授

> "On the Economic Causes and Consequences of Conflict"

& Confilict Analysis Framework (CAF)

April 2 I need to select a seminar coordinator (TA) for this new academic year. In order to make our seminar more student-oriented (meaning that I speak too much in our seminar meetings) and student-organized, I would like to see an active role of our seminar coordinator.

Any volunteer? This TA should also help me in preparation for GSID and other lectures. Up to 10 hours a week, \1,300/hr.

Please, get back to me A.S.A.P.!

April 1, 2004 First Meeting of Otsubo's Seminar in the academic year of 2004-2005 will be on April 20 !!

I will be away from the office till the 16th of April.

On the 20th of April (Tuesday), we will have an organizational meeting of the new Otsubo Seminar.

Time: 2:45 p.m. -
Location: No. 8 Seminar Room (5th floor, GSID bldg.)

We will take seminar photos, too.
For those who are new to Otsubo Seminar, I will also take individual picutres.

See you there all! Prof. Otsubo