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To members of Otsubo's Seminar:

This will be the year of thesis writing for many of our seminar participants. Due dates are just around the corner.....
To new participants. Welcome to Otsubo's Expolration Party!

Date of Entry

February 16 Japanese Tutor for Ms. CHEA Leakhena is wanted.

90 hours (you can use them into but by the end of April) for \94,500.

Any volunteer? Drop me a mail.

February 10 Here's the message about our year-end farewell Zemi Party from our Zemi coordinator Hedi.

Dear All!

We got many fantastic news in this semester to celebrate, let's have a relaxing, nice time together again!!

You are all cordially invited on 13 February (Fri.) to GRANPIATTO Italian restaurant next to Nagoya University. Please, come to the restaurant by 18:00, and prepare about 2000 yen/person to cover the cost.

Granpiatto tel: (052)-834-8973

Important!! If you cannot join us pls, drop me an e-mail: hedir@yahoo.com

February 10 On January 4, 2004. Nooty got married to Joeeey. They had a wonderful wedding ceremony in Thai style in Bangkok.

Bon voyage !

Memorial Photo

February 10 Farah gave birth to her baby daughter on December 24, 2003!

Her little angel "Abiha Gondal" weighed 3,200 grams at birth.

Congraturations to Farah and Frarah's family!

January 27 Fan gave birth to her baby son on January 3, 2004!

He weighed 4,400 grams at birth!

Congraturations to Fan and Fan's family!

January 27,
MA Defense (Oral Exam)

Thursday, February 5, 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Thursday, February 5, 3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, February 5, 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Ph.D. Defense (Oral Exam)

Friday, February 13, 10:30 a.m. - 12 noon (#1 Conf. Rm., 8th fl.)

Friday, February 13, 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. (#1 Conf. Rm., 8th fl.)

Ph.D. Oral Exam is open to public. Seminar members are encouraged to attend.

Year-End & Farewell Party

On Friday, February 13, after the Ph.D. oral exams.

December 15

December 17


As I have not heard from any of our seminar members, there will be no further seminar meetings in this calender year of 2003. Those who are writing MA or Ph.D. theses and wishing to see me. Visit my office during 1:30-4 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday).

In January 2004, we start with updated research proposals of M1 students (Tolkun, Penghuy, Leakhena, Kenny) followed by those of Research Student-Ph.D. (Mussa), and preparation for the upcoming Ph.D. Oral Exam (Megumi and Yoichiro).

Seminar Schedule for January 2004

January 13

M1 Research Proposals (Tolkun, Penghuy)

Mitsuru (D1) on Research Progess

January 20

M1 Research Proposals (Leakhena, Kenny).

RS Research Proposal (Mussa) in preparation for Tokubetsu-Senbatsu Ph.D. Entrance Exam.

January 27

Ph.D. Oral Exam Presentations (Megumi and Yoichiro) in preparation for the Orals.

December 9 Research Presenter for this seminar (December 9) 2:45 p.m.

RUG elements in EU Negotiation Strategy: A Case Study of Hungary

November 27 Whoever borrowed Jean-Claude's Ph.D. thesis from my office, return it to me A.S.A.P.

Please remind yourself of our rule that 'you should return any documents that you borrow from me within a couple of weeks so that I and other members can utilize them, too'.

November 25 There will be No Seminar Meeting today !

We do not have any research presenters today.

Instead I will make that time for individual consultations today.

Makiko, Megumi, and Musa have appointments with me this afternoon. In addition, Mitsuru should meet me w.r.t. our Jakarta trip. Fara and Fan should also visit me if you have consultaions on your theses.

November 11 Today's Seminar is Cancelled !

due to my illness.... Sorry folks!

Makiko should present in the following week with Mussa.

November 11 Cancelled !

November 18

2:45 p.m.
Research Presenters: Makiko (M2) and Mussa (RS-D)

October 27 For D3 and DX students:

Those who plan to submit your Ph.D. theses by the due date (Friday, December 19, 16:00) and receive your degrees on March 25, 2004, should inform me of your intension A.S.A.P. GSID office should prepare documents for this processing by Friday, November 7.

For DX students:

For those who do not yet plan to finish your theses and your terms of stay at GSID Ph.D. program will expire at the end of this academic year (i.e., at the end of your 6th year after you started your Ph.D. program here at GSID), you should prepare yourselves to leave GSID (and Otsubo Seminar) without degrees.
Try to qualify yourself for and conduct/pass your D3 presentation before the end of this academic year, with which you will be able to submit your Ph.D. thesis when it becomes ready. Otherwise, as promised before, I will not continue to supervise your Ph.D. study beyound March 2004.

October 6
October 20
October 27 (Updated)
October 14

Organizational Meeting
Research Presenter: Masa (D3) Conference Presentation

October 21

2:45 p.m.
Discussion: What is Governance? Does Governance Matter?
4 p.m.
Research Presenter: Noot (D1) Revised Research Proposal

October 28

2:45 p.m. -
Research Presenter: Fan (M2)
Q&A Session - Free Discussion


November 4

2:45 p.m.
Research Presenter: Farah (M2)
Q&A Session - Free Discussion

September 18 Next seminar meeting will be on the 14th of October (Tuesday).

Members should start making appointments for seminar presentations for the months of Octover, November and December (with Hedi, our seminar cooirdinator).

September 17 Seminar Meeting !

Date: Thursday, September 18 (tomorrow !).

Time: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

In our seminar room.

Those who can come should join us!

September 9

Hi ! Members of Otsubo Seminar !

Anybody who need seminar presentation(s) during September should get in touch with Hedi (seminar coordinator) and/or me (Prof. Otsubo).

Otherwise our next seminar meeting will be on Tuesday, October 14 (probably with Masa as our first presenter in the second semester).

Until then, enjoy your summer !

July 14

Seminar Schedule for the Rest of the First Semester

Contact Hedi (or myself), our seminar coordinator in order to obatin your presentation slots or for any changes.

When spaces are limited, preference will be given to core Otsubo seminar members (for those that I supervise as the main academic advisor).

July 1:

M1+RS Session:
Chapter 17 led by Tolkun

Research Presentation:
Yoichiro Ishihara (D3)
(In preparation for his D3 Presentation scheduled for the very next day (July 2).)

July 8:

M1+RS Session (2:45 - 4:15 p.m.):
Chapter 11 led by Penghuy

Research Presentation:

July 15:

M1+RS Session:
Chapter 12 led by Leakhena

Research Presentation:
Mitsuru Aotsu (D1) on ODA Evaluation

July 22:

M1+RS Session:
Q and As on Chapter 13 (led by Tolkun?)
Chapter 14 led by Kenichi, Penghuy, (and Tolkun)

Research Presentation:
Megumi Yanagitsubo (D3) on Capital Flow
Farah (M2) on her econometric study.

We will set up one session during September for research presentations.

Masa (D3)
Any other presenters? Get in touch with me by early September.

June 26 Another reminder !

When you do not have other imperative commitment(s) such as teaching and job-hunting, you are suppose to come to seminar meetings and comment on others' presentations.

D1 and RS should also try your best to join M1 sessions, whenever possible.

Seminar on July 1

M1+RS Session:
Chapter 17 led by Tolkun

Research Presentation:
Yoichiro Ishihara (D3)
(In preparation for his D3 Presentation scheduled for the very next day (July 2).)

We plan to go out for a drink or two after the seminar. Somewhere in Motoyama area.

June 23 Seminar on June 24

1) Discussion on Trade and Development

Discussion Leader: Kenichi Victor
Discussion Material: E of D, Chapter 18 "Trade and Development"

2) Q and As

June 23 Announcement of D3 Presentation by Mr. Yoichiro Ishihara

Name of Presenter: Mr. Yoichiro Ishihara (Economist, World Bank Jakarta Office)

Date and Time of Presentation: July 2, 2003 (13:00 - 14:00)

Venue: No. 1 Conference Room (8th fl.), GSID, Nagoya University

Title of Presentation:

"On Financial Crises and Economic Governance in Emerging Economies"

論文題目 「新興国における金融危機と経済ガバナンスについて」

Dissertation Committee: Professor Shigeru T. Otsubo (Chair)

Professor Hiroshi Osada, and

Professor Yumiko Okamoto

This presentation will be open to the public.

June 16 Seminar on June 17

As I have not heard from any potential presenters, there will be no research presentations this week.

Only M1 and RS (if you like) students should get together at 2:45 p.m. in order for us to organize future M1 sessions (textbook-reading sessions).

We will start M1+RS textbook-reading sessions from the 24 of June.

We should read
Economics of Development, 5th edition
Chapters 18 (Kenichi), 17 (Tolkun)
Chapters 11 (Penghuy), 12 (Leakhena), 13 (Tolkun), 14 (Kenichi, Penghuy) for the first semester;

Chapters 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 into the second semester.

June 17

Near-Term Seminar Schedule

Contact Heddy (or myself), our seminar coordinator in order to obatin your presentation slots or for any changes.

When spaces are limited, preference will be given to core Otsubo seminar members (for those that I supervise as the main academic advisor). There will be only three more slots for research presentations in the first semester !

June 17:

M1+RS student organization meeting.

Q and As

Selecting Seminar

June 24:

M1+RS Session:
Chapter 18 led by Kenichi

Research Presentation:

July 1:

M1+RS Session:
Chapter 17 led by Tolkun

Research Presentation:
Yoichiro Ishihara (D3)
(In preparation for his D3 Presentation scheduled for the very next day (July 2).)

June 4 Seminar on June 10

Judit Bognar will present issues for free discussion .....

After the seminar, we may go out for a seminar party.....


Judit writes:

I would make 3 main topics and would ask the members about

their views and opinions:

1. Globlization

- How can a globalized world market work well?

- What elements do we need for stable economies under

globalized world market?

- Where our globalized market is heading towards?

- Will we end up in one big market or still the countries

will remain?

2. From this I would go to world organisations:

- What are the functions of the world organisation?

- Do we need them? (profit oriented and non-profit as well)

- Do they have a purpose on the globalized world market?

- Do they function well? If yes why? If not why?

3. Last I would like to turn to marketing:

- Basically what is marketing?

- What are the functions of marketing?

- Do the world organisations also need marketing? If yes,

why? If not why?

- If yes, what kind of marketing do the have to apply? What

methods should they use? (p.ex. building image all around

the world or contact countries and companies etc.

independently for donations etc.)

At the and I hope that from the different point of view and

opinions I can derive a conclusion (for my research agenda).


Prepare yourself for this free discussion session.

May 28 Nami Shibata's D2 Presentation

Time: Thursday, May 29 : 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Location: No. 1 Conference Room, 8th floor, GSID bldg.

Presentation Title: Comparing Drivers and Attractors of Japanese FDI in China and Malaysia

It's open to the public.

May 27 Today's Seminar is cancelled.

There will be no seminar on May 27.

Farah and Leakhena will present on June 3.

May 21 For those senior members of Otsubo Seminar and others who casually skip seminar meetings !!

Since the end of the last academic year, there has been a sad tendency that senior (D) members working on their theses (and some others working on something else) tend to skip seminar meetings.

If you tend to think that spending 3+ hours on discussing and commenting other members' research efforts once a week is 'a waste of time', I honestly think that you are wasting your time at GSID itself. Besides, I do not believe that those who cannot spare your time and knowledge with the other members can manage ones' time and career in a productive manner.

Remember, all the participating members of Otsubo Seminar, each one of you does have responsibility toward the other constituting members' success in Otsubo Seminar.

I sincerely hope to see that each one of you behave in a professional manner.

.......... Prof. Shigeru T. Otsubo

May 14

1st Semester Seminar Schedule

Contact Heddy, our seminar coordinator in order to obatin your presentation slots or for any changes.

When spaces are limited, preference will be given to core Otsubo seminar members (for those that I supervise as the main academic advisor).

April 22

Nami (D2)
Presentation of MSC Thesis at U. of Manchester

Fan (M2)
Presentation of MA Thesis Proposal

Makiko (M2)
Presentation of MA Thesis Proposal

May 6

Penghuy (M1)
Presentation of Research Agenda

Waheed Abdul (D2)
"Aid and Saving Nexus in Pakistan: Cointegration Cousality and Error Correction Modelling Approach"

Q & As ?

May 13:

Mitsuru (D1)
Presentation of Ph.D. Research Proposal

Kenichi Victor (M1)
Presentation of Research Agenda

May 20:

Tolkun (M1)
Presentation of Research Agenda

Hiroki (M2)
Presentation of MA Thesis Proposal


May 27:

No Seminar

June 3:

Leakhena (M1)
Presentation of Research Agenda

Farah (M2)
Presentation of MA Thesis Proposal

Q & As ?

June 10:

Judit Bognar will present issues for free discussion .....

April 15 M1 and D1 students should check "Registration Guide: Development Economist Course" corner of the Seminar HP, attend opening lectures, and comile your couse selection. Then, before you register (April 25 is due), you should consult with me about your curriculum selection.
April 13, 2003 Organizational Meeting !!

On the 15th of April (Tuesday), we will have an organizational meeting of the new Otsubo Seminar.

Time: 2:45 p.m. -
Location: No. 8 Seminar Room (5th floor, GSID bldg.)

We will take seminar photos, too.
For those who are new to Otsubo Seminar, I will also take individual picutres.

See you there all! Prof. Otsubo