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To members of Otsubo's Seminar:

This will be the year of thesis writing for many of our seminar participants. Due dates are just around the corner.....
To new participants. Welcome to Otsubo's Expolration Party!

Date of Entry

September 29, 2002 Due to GSID's OFW, our first seminar meeting in the second semester will be on the 29th of October.

Those who plan to present at D3 presentation meetings (Oct. 30-31) should be the presenters on the 29th.

1) D3 Presentation by Jean-Claude

2) D3 Presentation by Megumi

3) Organizational meeting.

June 10, 2002

Near-Term Seminar Schedule

June 4: Part I & II

Wawan's Presentation (D2) on Money Demand after the Asian Financial Crisis

Discussion on "Determinants of Economic Growth". (M1: Hiroki and Fan)

June 11: Part I & II

Discussion on "Determinants of Economic Growth". (M1: Farah and Makiko)

Masa's Presentation (D3)

June 18: Part I & II (Nami joins from Manchester)

Megumi's Presentation (D3)

Masato's Presentation (ABD)

June 25: Part I & II

New Assignments T.B.A. for M1s

Jean-Claude's Presentation (D3)

May 20, 2002

Near-Term Seminar Schedule

We will have another picture-taking session, and a seminar get-together after Part II at 'Roppa'.

May 21: Part I

No part I sessions.

May 21: Part II (2:45 p.m. -)

Yoichiro's Presentation

Megumi's Presentation (2)

May 28: Part I

Discussion on "Determinants of Economic Growth". (Discussion Leaders, T.B.D.)

May 28: Part II

Takeshi's Presentation

April 21, 2002 Our seminar coordinator, Masa is currently setting up the Otsubo Seminar ML, so that each one of our seminar member can communicate with other members effectively. Report to Masa and join the Otsubo's Expedition Party On-Line Version.

I plan to select 3 (+- 1) M1 students that I supervise as a main academic advisor. Other M1 participants may still continue to participate Otsubo Seminar, but as a sub seminar (i.e., you have to find a main advisor somewhere else).

May 1, 2002

April 16, 2002

Near-Term Seminar Schedule (Updated)

April 23: Part I (2:45 pm. - )

Sun on "Introduction: Ideas for Development"

Sadia on "First Generation of Economists"

Fan on "Second Generation of Economists"

Makiko on "Tasks for the New Generation"

April 23: Part II (3:45 pm. - )

Megumi's Presentation

April 30: Part I (2:45 pm. - )

Farah on "Development Issues: Settled and Open"

April 30: Part II (3:45 pm. - )

Noot's Presentation

May 7: Part I (M2 and Ds should also attend from 2:45 p.m.)

All M1 Students on "Research Proposals"

May 7: Part II

Takao's Presentation

Jean-Claude's Presentation

We will take seminar picutres both on the 14th and 21st !

May 14: Part I

M1 Students on "Research Proposals"

May 14: Part II (starting at 2:45 pm.)

Picture Taking

April 1, 2002

The first seminar gathering of the academic year 2002-2003 will be held on the 16th of April (Tuesday).

In the academic year 2002-2003, Otsubo seminar will meet during 2:45-6:00 pm. (max.) on Tuesdays in the No. 8 seminar room (5th floor).

April 16: Organizational Meeting

Seminar Format?

Seminar Coodinator(s)?

Masa (D3) Presentation on his doctoral resarch.

To D-student participants:
I need a TA (seminar coodinator) who also acts as an assistant in my CADM lecture course.

To new participants:
A window shopping is welcome for the first couple of weeks.