Bulletin Board -- Commander to Members of Otsubo's Seminar

To my beloved members of Otsubo's Development Exploration Party:

As you already know, I will be away from GSID for a full year ( March 25, 2000 - March 24, 2001). I will assume a position in Jakarta as an advisor on economic policy and anlyses for the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) of Indonesian Government. Given that Indonesia is one of the most-severely-hit country during the Asian financial crisis, the job should be a challenging one and give me valuable experience that, hopefully, I will be able to give back to you in the future.

In the development jungle, sometimes you are forced to find your way and survive without a commanding officer. This unique experience should prepare and empower you in many respect (that, if you survive it) for your career. Now is the chance for you! Be brave! Face life! Be independent! And make the most of GSID resources!

I will continue to be accessible through my GSID EM address. You are also welcome to visit Jakarta in conjunction with your field research.

Oh! Many thanks for the farewell party you kindly organized for me. Yes, I will miss you all (?).

See you again at the start of the 21st century! May the force be with you!

Date of Entry

March 23, 1999

The first seminar meeting for the new academic year of 1999-2000 will be held on Wednesday, the 21st of April at 1:00 pm. at Seminar Room #7.

This will be an organizational meeting for us to prepare for the Y2K.

Window shoppers are welcome during the month of April. However, Otsubo Seminar will only accommodate admitted members (with Professor's consent) thereafter--a new policy for the academic year of 1999-2000. Admitted members should assume full responsibility for regular attendance and contributions to our seminar meetings.

As discussed before, M2 students and M1 (graduates of RS) should bring your research proposal and literature list. D1 students should bring your revised research proposal.

April 20, 1999

Internship Opportunity at JICA!

This year, JICA's intern recruitment is an "OPEN" process. Visit http://www.jica.go.jp/Index-j.html for details and application forms.

Our seminar coordinator, Ms. Megumi Yanagitsubo engaged in an internship at JICA last year.

April 27, 1999

From the 'Development Organization' window of our homepage, visit 'World Bank' and read the Comprehensive Development Framework (entry is provided in the upper-right-hand corner. Or choose No.1 in The Designated Site of the Month. We will discuss this document describing Economic vs. Structural-Social-Human aspects of development at our seminar meetings when time is available.

World Bank-IFC-IMF recuitment mission will be visiting GSID during May 20-29 to introduce career opportunities at these international financial organizations. Keep your eye on the upcoming announcemtns!

April 28, 1999 For those who study Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Study Guides to Stigliz Micro and Macro are now available at the Nanbu Bookstore (about 3,500 yen each). These study guides include free passwords for you to access the entire part of the Stigweb.
April 30, 1999 World Bank-IFC-IMF recuitment mission will visit GSID on Thursday, May 27 to introduce career opportunities at these international financial organizations. Their presentation will be given during 2-3:30 pm. at our 8th-floor Auditorium. Come join us!
June 8

I will not be able to attend the seminar on the 9th as I need to go to Tokyo (the US Embassy). I will come to our Seminar Get-together later in the evening, though.

As Megumi departs for Manchester, Hedi will succeed her role as our Seminar Coordinator.

June 11 I would like to suggest that the ESG now goes into the aforementioned quantitative analyses. Visit http://www.eviews.com/index.html, particularly the corner for "product information" . Which product will you like to use? I am still negotiating academic and quantity discounts with the QMS.
August 10, 1999

If you need my guidance during the months of August and September, contact me through EMs.

Good Luck on your research, field work, and internship during this summer! See you all in October!

September 29, 1999

Summer recess is now over! M2 and thesis-writing M1 students should prepare for presentations of your research results so far. Send me EMs in order to secure your spot.

October 13 -- Two slots & Organizational Meeting

October 20 -- Charles, one or two more slots

October 27 -- Tota Sai, one more slot

Muko will receive his Ph.D. on the 30th of September. Who's next to obtain a degree?

September 29, 1999

Dr. Jacques Baudouy, Director, Human Development Sector Group, Middle East and North Africa, the World Bank will give us a lecture on the 5th of November (1:00-3:00 pm.) at the GSID Auditorium.

Title: Social Sector Development in Middle East and North Africa -- Strategies of the World Bank

September 29, 1999

Prof. G. M. Meier, the author of the Leading Issues in Economic Development will join me to celebrate the publication of the Japanese version of this book (see Top Page).

Memorial lecture will be given on the 18th of November (afternoon) at the GSID Auditorium.

Title: Leading Issues in Economic Development -- Selected and Open Development Thinking at the End of the Century...What Do We Know About Economic Development?

October 12, 1999

I am currently working on a theme paper for the African Development Bank's AFRICA DEVELOPMENT REPORT--A Millenium Issue. In conjunction with this job, I would like to recuirt an assistant (on fee basis, of course) helping me to locate documents (mainly jounal papers), create tables and charts (if capable) following my guidance. This will take only a week at maximum. Any volunteer?

Jean-Claude is selected!

October 19, 1999

M2 and thesis-writing M1 students should prepare for presentations of your research results so far. Send me EMs in order to secure your spot.

October 13 -- James & Organizational Meeting

October 20 -- Charles, who else?

October 21, 1999

Here are our presenters in the upcoming seminars.

October 27 -- Tota Sai, Debbie

November 10 -- Nami, Kim Chhay

November 17 -- Jean-Claude, James (Prof. Meier may visit our seminar.)

December 1 and 15th -- Second round of presentations.

Prepare 45-minute presentations. 15-minute Q. & A. & Comments. We wish to spend 15-30 minute to deal with Qs from M1 students, each time. M1 students and Study Group participants, come with some questions to ask.

M1 students will be required to present your research proposals with literature list during the month of January (and early February, if necessary).

October 25, 1999 As we discussed during the last seminar meeting, report to James if you have any books that you wish to acquire for our seminar. Send EMs to s1buchanan@m.gsid.nagoya-u.ac.jp or drop a memo in his mailbox by the end of October.
January 10, 2000

For those who will be taking the entrance exam for our Ph.D. program, make sure that your research proposal be commented by me before you turn it in. Send it thourgh EM to my univeristy EM account.

As at least 7 students will be competing for 3 (or 4 at the max.) slots this year, you should also consider listing the names of 2 professors for your potential academic supervisors in the program.

Make sure you turn in your MA thesis in time. Due will be Friday, January 14, c.o.b.! Kim Chhay, Tota Sai, Jean-Claude, Nami, Charles, Debby, James, Tanya, I hope the very best for you!

M1 students who wishes my comments on your research proposal. Meet me during the month of February.

January 22, 2000 Otsubo seminar is closed for the month of January as we discussed earlier. Shina proposed that we have M2 presentations of their final results as this would help M1 students a great deal. In early February, our seminar coordinator (Heddy) will be annoucning and organizing our final get toghther before I disapper in South-East Asia ..... Until further notice, there will be no seminars.
March 8, 2000

For those who still have my books with you. Please return them to me by the 14 th of March. I need to take an inventory before I go to Jakarta.

If you do not return my books by then ..... !?

March 10, 2000 Somebody still has the Global Development Finance 1999 CD-ROM. (S)he should return this CD-ROM to me A.S.A.P.
March 20, 2000

Despite my repeated requests, some of our seminar members have not yet returned the books that (s)he borrowed from me. As I need to ship my books out to Jakarta on the 22nd, I have to make the last call. Among the missing books are:

China 2020: China Engaged

UNDP Humand Development Report: Globalization with Human Face

WTO related books (in Japanese)

GDF CD-ROM 1999 ....

I hope you would respond to this last call !