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Introduction 2(to) International Development

「国際開発入門」 掲示板


This GSID-wide common course is provided as an entry point to GSID’s multidisciplinary International Development Studies. In order to demonstrate the efficacy and attractiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to International Development to incoming students, faculty members with various research areas and job experiences have prepared this introductory course using team-teaching methods. This course also introduces human and Internet resources available at GSID to newcomers. The course consists of the following six issue-based clusters (with the name of the cluster manager in the parentheses) in the academic year of 2002.

1) Introduction to International Development Studies (Prof. S. T. Otsubo)

2) Japanese Development Model (Prof. D. Cho)

3) Globalization and Development (Prof. M. Ezaki)

4) Poverty (Prof. S. Ito)

5) Disputes and Development (Prof. Y. Sato)

6) Intercultural Understanding and Communication (Prof. T. Kinoshita)

Each cluster consists of presentations by several professors and discussion sessions.

Both English and Japanese (with English summaries) will be used in this course.


1) 国際開発学へのいざない (大坪滋教授)

2) 日本型開発モデル (Cho斗燮助教授)

3) グローバリゼーションと開発 (江崎光男教授)

4) 貧困 (伊東早苗助教授)

5) 紛争と開発 (佐藤安信教授)

6) 異文化理解とコミュニケーション (木下徹教授)

各クラスターはそれぞれ複数の教官によるプレゼンテーションと討論会で構成される。 クラスターにより、英語もしくは日本語を主たる使用言語とするが、両言語に配慮する。

See you all in the Auditorium meetings..... (Prof. S.T. Otsubo)

Date of Entry

September 29, 2002 Many thanks for your inputs to our course evaluation. Some of your comments are seriously taken by the faculty and will be reflected in the I2ID2003 to be led by Prof. Sanae Ito.

Good luck to you all in your pursuit of knowledge here at GSID !!

May 6, 2002 At the end of the May 8 lecture, I (or TAs) will ditribute a PowerPoint note on Japanese Development Model to be used on May 15. Read the note before you come to the May 15 meeting !
May 1, 2002 At the end of the "Globalization Cluster" you will be asked to prepare one-page note summarizing facts, concepts, and ideas that you have leanred in this cluster and that you think important. The note is due in the class on May 15.

On May 8, right after the class on "Globalization and Local Culture", Noda san, Rika, and Peng will conduct a quick course-evaluation session with your help. This will be a part of the on-going course review process for us to imporve the quality and impact of this new academic venture in GSID. Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

April 29, 2002 There will be a class meeting on May 1 during 1 to 2:30 p.m. !

Prof. Kimura will talk about the issues related to Global Governance. You should also remember the section on Global Governance in my presentation given on the 24th of April.


April 21, 2002 During our next meeting (April 24), I will spend 10-15 minutes taking your questions on the contents of my I2ID Opening Lecture. Come to the Auditorium loaded with questions!

For the required/recommended readings and designated web sites related to the first presentation on "Globalization and Development" (April 24), visit the cluster home page. This time, you are supposed to make your own copies out of the library copies in the I2ID section.

Presentation materials will be distributed in the meeting (Powerpoint docs.).

April 9, 2002 Xerox copies of the reading materials for Prof. Otsubo's presentation will be available in the I2ID box in the GSID Library, shortly. For you to read the materials before the presentation, make your own copies out of the course copies provided in the I2ID box.

Joseph Stiglitz and Gerald Meier. Frontiers of Development Economics: The Future in Perspective. London: Oxford Univ. Press, 2000.
“Introduction: Ideas for Development” and "The Old Generation of Development Economists and the New" by Gerald M. Meier (Required).
“Development Issues: Settled and Open” by Shahid Yusuf and Joseph E. Stiglitz (Highly Recommended).

April 1, 2002

The first I2ID meeting of the academic year 2002-2003 will be held on Wednesday, April 1, during 1:00 - 3:15 p.m. in the GSID Auditorium (8th floor).

April 17: Introduction to International Development Studies

国際開発学へのいざない  (Cluster Manager: Prof. Otsubo)

1) Introduction to I2ID (Course Manager)

2) Introduction to I2ID Clusters (Cluster Managers)                 

3) Introduction to International Development Studies
(GSIDで国際開発を学ぶ (Prof. Kimura)

4) An Evolution of Development Paradigms--An Economist's Overview

(開発のパラダイムシフト: 開発経済学者の視点) (Prof. Otsubo)

6) Introduction to Internet Resources (incl. course HP)

All the incoming students (Ms and Ds) and the continuing students who are interested in this interdisciplinary approach to development are welcome.

Unless otherwise notified, the class meets on Wednesdays during 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. (max.) in the Auditorium.

Check the course syllabus for class contents, assigned/recommended readings, and related web sites. Also check this bulletin board regularly for further notices.

Suggested readings (books) are available in the I2ID corner in our GSID library.

April 24, May 1, and 8:

Globalization and Developing Countries Cluster Meetings

Cluster Agenda

In this Cluster, first of all, an evolution and the current state of globalization will be introduced. Situations and issues pertaining to developing countries under globalization are then discussed. How does the process of globalization affect developing countries? Presentations are made from global, regional, national, and local points of view. Presenters will introduce economic, political, and cultural arguments, in turn.

Meeting Schedule and Speakers

1st Week [Prof. M. Ezaki, Prof. H. Osada, and Prof. S.T. Otsubo]

Globalization and Economic Development: Opportunities and Challenges

2nd Week [Prof. H. Kimura]

Global Governance: A Consideration from the Political Science

3rd Week [Prof. A.M. Ohashi and Prof. K. Takahashi]

Globalization and Local Culture

For further details, check the on-line course/cluster syllabus.