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Introduction to(2) Internatinal Development

1st Semester, 2011-2012

GSID's I2ID Book has won
the 2010 Japan Society for International Development (JASID) Special Award!!

(Award Ceremony)

Here is the set of the draft English translation of the I2ID textbook

Introduction to International Development Studies:
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Development Studies

Use the passward given in the first session of the I2ID in order to open/read the documents.

Shigeru Otsubo, Hirotsune Kimura, Sanae Ito (eds.)

English Translation (Drafts)    DO NOT COPY OR CIRCULATE


Introduction to International Development Studies

Part I: What are Development and International Development?

...Chapter 1:  From the Viewpoint of Development Economics [Figure 1-1] [Table 1-3]

...................Presentation PowerPoint File, Prof. Otsubo's Lecture on April 20

...Chapter 2:  From the Viewpoint of Development Politics

...Chapter 3:  From the Viewpoint of Development Sociology

Part II: Leading Issues in International Development

.................(English drafts will not be provided for Part II.)

Conclusion:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to International Development Studies

Questions for the Comment Paper (for the Part 1 - 1st four sessions - of I2ID2010)

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